How to order transport of a small container from the port?

How to order transport of a small container from the port?
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Transport containers are becoming more and more popular – whether for use in the construction of modern holiday homes, or for shipping and logistics purposes. The multipurpose character of the structure makes more and more Poles decide on this type of solution. Today we will focus on the issue of ordering the transport of containers from the port


All are manufactured on the basis of unified dimensions and design. Although the primary function of containers is the transport of packaged cargo, containers are also used for other purposes – transport of personal belongings or movables. Uniformity of construction of metal boxes allows much faster reloading operations and use of equipment designed for this task. Thanks to the metal cover, the cargo is protected from mechanical damage and weather conditions. What is more, the popularity of containers made it possible to use them to transport tanks

The first containers were created in the early 20th century, and the first standard for logistics purposes was developed in 1934 by the UIC. Interestingly, the forerunner of container transport is an American, Malcolm McLean, who played va banque and invested his entire fortune in converting an oil tanker into the first ever container ship. The investment more than paid off and soon McLean was followed by the rest of the world.

Types of boxes

General purpose container

It is designed to carry all general cargo, but with appropriate modifications can also be used to transport bulk cargo – both loose and liquid. Loose cargo is loaded and unloaded pneumatically, which is a guarantee of safety during transport

Container with open roof

This type of container is mainly used for transportation of cargo exceeding the height of the structure or loaded from the top. Due to special construction, these containers are ordered individually and additional costs have to be taken into account

Methods of transport

Specific construction of the boxes requires using specialized means of transport. In the field of sea transport we distinguish between container ships (vertically loaded vessels) and roll-on-roll-off vessels (horizontally loaded vessels). In rail transport special container wagons and platform wagons are used. In road transport the cargo is carried by trucks with additional semi-trailers. The semi-trailers are equipped with a steel frame construction and pivots for attaching containers.

Technical condition

An extremely important element of this type of construction is its general condition, which determines whether the transport of goods will pass properly and safely. And while this is the responsibility of the exporter, it’s worth paying attention to whether your container is:

  • clean,
  • dry,
  • free of holes,
  • in good working order as far as opening and closing mechanisms are concerned,
  • equipped with serviceable security bars

Choice of Carrier

We come to the most important issue – the carriage of cargo. Before choosing a particular transport company, you need to consider several issues. The first step is to find out what dimensions and weight your container has. This will allow the carrier to select the appropriate means of transport. Secondly, determine if you need unloading and loading services in addition to transportation. Next, find out whether the unloading of the container has to take place within a certain period of time – the cost of the service depends on this. And finally, decide on the priority of the project – it is worth researching and contacting container transport companies in advance to save time and money.

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