The largest transshipment terminals in the world! See them!

The largest transshipment terminals in the world! See them!
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Did you know that the largest terminals are capable of handling over 12 million containers per year? Do you realize what they are and what they are used for? Surprisingly, one of them is located in Poland. These are just some of the interesting facts about them and there are many more. Read our list and deepen your knowledge about this field of transport.

Transshipment terminals are objects of considerable size. As the name suggests, they are designed for reloading of goods. The following structures are part of ports. As such, they enable the reloading of goods from a sea vehicle to a container ship.

Port of Shanghai

It has been enjoying the most popularity for a decade now. It is the largest transshipment terminal that impresses not only with its size but most importantly with its efficiency. It is a port that has been divided into smaller sectors. In turn, these parts have been divided into small terminals. Such an action made it possible to achieve incredible results. This place is capable of reaching even 40 million TEU. This is a staggering record that is gaining recognition around the world for good reason.

Port of Singapore

Another port that deserves attention is in Singapore. It is the second largest terminal in the world. It is located at the southern end of the Malay Peninsula. This place has been divided into two different sectors, allowing it to transport goods to more than 600 ports around the world. The operation of the transshipment terminal here reaches as many as 123 countries. The terminal’s performance reached its best in 2018, when it managed to load around 22.7 million TEUs.

Shenzen Port

This is a place that can still amaze more than once. It achieves more and more efficiency every year. The huge transshipment terminal stands out with a capacity of over 19 million TEU. However, it is worth mentioning that this result increases every year. So it is possible that it will be beaten in the nearest future.

Seaport Rotterdam

Another terminal on our list that impresses with its impeccable performance. Not many people realize it, but it is the largest seaport in all of Europe. For a few years it was the most powerful in the world, but that quickly changed. The cargo terminals at this port are able to accommodate almost any type of container ship. Additionally, it is a place whose depth reaches 24 meters. Thanks to this, it can receive even the largest ships. All this makes the terminal located in Rotterdam able to handle up to 12.6 million containers per year. This result was observed in 2016.

Container Terminal DCT Gdansk

One of the largest transshipment facilities is the seaport in Gdansk. Its activity started in 2007. It is the most popular and efficient container terminal in our country. It can boast of very good results. The record was broken in 2014, when its capacity reached 1.5 million containers. Why was it created? For the need of deep-water container ships. It is the only one in Poland able to receive container ships from China.

It is amazing how much progress the transport sector has made in recent years, not only in Poland but worldwide. Container terminals are essential for moving cargo from a variety of vehicles and locations around the world.


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