How much do port services cost? We analyze!

How much do port services cost? We analyze!
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Have you ever wondered how much can seaport services cost? How expensive will be the transport and loading of containers, importing cars from overseas or food from Scandinavian countries?

There is no denying that container ships come to our country mainly from Asia. Partner countries are China, Thailand or Malaysia. Have you ever wondered how much the sea freight of such containers might cost? If you would like to know, read on!

Container sea freight – how much will you pay?

It depends. Rates depend on several factors. Mainly the location of the loading port, but also the type of container, its quantity, and to a small extent the frequency of deliveries. This is because you can choose a one-time, weekly or monthly service. We will analyze three cases that will give you a realistic look at the rates you have to prepare for.

  1. Transport of two containers per week from China, more precisely from Foshan (Buddha City). The port of unloading in this case will be Gdynia. The container is a 40’DV transport storage model. What charges do we have to prepare ourselves for? It is less than 9 thousand dollars per container, or 18 thousand dollars per week. Converted to Polish zloty, at the rate of 3.70, it comes out that the weekly fee would be 66 600 PLN. Of course, this is approximate data and will vary depending on the company we bet on, as well as the current exchange rate of the dollar against the Polish zloty.
  2. Transport of four containers every month from Bangkok. The unloading point in this case can only be Gdańsk, which operates the Bangkok-Poland route. We opted for a 20’DV container, which translated into a cost per transport of less than five thousand dollars per piece. With four containers, it is just under $20,000 each month. At the same exchange rate as in example 1, it came out to approximately 74K.
  3. Transporting a 40’HC sea container to Gdansk, and from where? Let’s choose Taiwan, or more precisely the port in the city of Kaohsiung. This time we want to transport one container at a time. It was a cost of exactly 8.7 thousand dollars. Again, we take into account the exchange rate of 3.7 zlotys for one dollar, which translates into a little over 32 thousand zlotys for one container from Taiwan.

Of course, much depends on the type of goods that are transported by sea. If it is food from Scandinavian countries, the journey is short, but storage conditions are demanding. The situation is different when it comes to transporting electronics or cars, especially from the USA. Excise duties must be added to the costs, which are often really high

Transport itself is not very demanding, but it is necessary to properly secure equipment and vehicles. Of course the journey is quite long, about 20 days depending on the port, whether it is on the east or west coast of the United States, etc.

There are a myriad of factors, each significantly or slightly affecting the final amount of ocean freight transportation. This is largely done using containers, which vary widely. They allow transport of goods weighing from 10 to 30 tons. Which container is the best choice?

What container for sea transport to choose?

We present three popular solutions that will prove themselves in various situations:

  • 20 foot container, a standard model used for sea transport. It works well when the goods have a considerable weight in relation to its dimensions. It is also a good choice when you want to transport a small amount of goods;
  • 40 foot container, which is almost 2x longer than the 20 foot one. There are two types, the 40’DV and the 40’HQ. The latter is elevated, which translates to increased capacity;
  • open Top container. It works well whenever the height of the cargo exceeds the capacity of the previous types of container. If loading through the door is not possible due to the size of the goods, then loading from the top is used – this is only possible with Open Top.


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