Cracked windshield – what to do?

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Cracked windshield – what to do?
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Many car owners have discovered that windshields, which are supposed to provide safety and protection, can also cause many problems. Heavy hailstorms or even a small stone hitting the glass and a failure is guaranteed. What can be done in such a situation?

Types of windshields

Most cracks occur in the windshield. This is due to the fact that it is most exposed to the impact of debris falling from under the tires of cars driving in front. The type of windshield is also very important. Tempered are most common at the back and side of the vehicle. In case of an impact, they break into tiny pieces and can only be replaced. Windshields are made of laminated glass, otherwise known as glued glass. This type is characterized by greater strength, which prevents the glass from splashing into small pieces during an accident.

Crack assessment

Damage to a windshield may vary in size and shape. The most common, small damage is called spider veins. When talking about extensive damage including a cavity, we most often encounter the term “bull’s eye”. Assessment of the damage is very important in the subsequent steps, is also necessary to determine the safety of possible further driving. In the first steps, it is also worth sealing the cracked area with tape, so that dirt does not get there.

Driving and damaged windshield

It is worth remembering that according to the provisions of the Road Traffic Act, a cracked windshield may result in a fine of up to PLN 500. Driving with such a defect can limit your field of vision and thus create a danger on the road. You have to reckon with the fact that during the periodic technical check-ups the diagnostician may refuse to renew the tests. To avoid such problems it is worth reading about insurance on the

Repair or replacement of a windshield?

Many drivers wonder what to do when they see a scratch or a spider on the windshield. Small damage can be successfully repaired, and the cost of such a service is not very expensive and is usually close to 150 zł. You can also undertake such repair yourself. Special repair kits with detailed instructions are available on sale. However, in case of larger cracks and dents it will be necessary to replace the entire windshield. Depending on the type and model of car the price of replacement will vary. You should be prepared for a considerable expense, even around 1000 PLN. However, you can avoid such a financial burden by insuring against such an eventuality with a special insurance, and much information on this subject will provide

Insurance – is it worth it?

If the glass is broken as a result of a collision, the replacement of the glass is usually covered by the driver’s insurance. This replacement usually includes original auto parts. Unfortunately, not all damages occur as a result of events with outsiders. Contrary to appearances, damages occur quite often, and often they are the result of random situations or finding the perpetrator of the event is very difficult. Therefore, it is worth thinking about insuring the windows added to the third party, or to take out an auto insurance in full scope. The cost of such insurance is not large, it is usually an additional expense of several dozen PLN to the policy. Comparing these prices to the cost of a possible repair, definitely worth thinking about such a purchase. Another advantage is the easy contact with the insurer in case of damage, and speed and accuracy of the repair. This will reduce unnecessary stress and increase comfort and freedom of driving, regardless of the conditions.


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