The largest ports in the USA – impressive!

The largest ports in the USA – impressive!
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Maritime transportation plays a huge role in many countries around the world. This is no different in the United States, where the economy is considered one of the most developed and largest on the planet. No wonder seaports reflect this! Discover our TOP 6 ports in the USA!

Largest ports in the USA – TOP 6

1: Los Angeles

The largest seaport in America, so it’s no wonder we’re starting with it. Located in Los Angeles, it covers an area of 30 square kilometers. It stretches along the coast with a total length of 70 kilometers. It was founded more than 100 years ago, in 1907. There are 27 terminals within the port, and they receive about 9.7 million TEUs per year (that’s a unit of capacity that corresponds to a container 20 feet long, or about 6 m, with a volume of about 40 m³).

What comes into the port most often? Mainly furniture, toys, but also electronic equipment and clothes. Textiles, scrap metal, and paper products leave the port.

2: Long Beach

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The next port is Long Beach. It is located just 30 kilometers from the one in Los Angeles. Its total area is almost three times smaller, being exactly 12 square kilometers. The port includes 80 wharves and 71 cranes that handle container ships.

It is a slightly younger seaport, having been established in 1911, and its capacity is estimated at just over 8 million TEUs each year – in 2018 it was exactly that number. Interestingly, it’s a clear leader when it comes to going green and taking care of the environment.

3: Port of New York & New Jersey

The largest port on the East Coast, which naturally puts it in the third largest position in the context of the entire country. It is one big seaport, with exactly 7 cargo ports and a whole bunch of terminals. The total area is 4 square kilometers. Mostly cars are handled here, but also bananas and cocoa. What is most often exported from here? Mainly beverages, but also vehicles or plastic. In 2018, exactly 7.1 million TEUs were handled at this port. It is worth noting that the area of the port is three times smaller than the one in Long Beach, so the transshipment result should be surprising.

4: Port of Norfolk

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This time a port in the state of Virginia. Relatively young, as it was established in 1965, there are exactly four terminals in one port, with a capacity of 2.8 TEUs in 2018. However, it is worth noting that the port is constantly developing, which translates into an increase in handling capacity. Ships regularly arrive here from the port of Gdynia, whose journey takes 23 days, and also sail to our home port – this way the journey is slightly faster, taking 19 days. At the moment the port has five berths for ships carrying containers.

5: Port of Houston

One of the oldest ports in our list. It was established in 1909, so it is already 112 years old. In 2018, it handled exactly 2.5 million TEUs. Goods are shipped to countries such as Mexico, Italy, and Brazil. Goods are imported from Venezuela, Mexico, or Saudi Arabia. The main cargo transported is crude oil, but also products derived from oil, iron, steel and organic chemicals.

6: Port of Charleston

Last in our list, while also being one of those that transport the least. In 2018, its cargo handling capacity reached 2.2 million TEUs, which consists of ship handling through 6 terminals. Unfortunately, it was heavily damaged during the war, but since 1942 it has received a lot of support, which translates into gradual development. What can be transported and unloaded at the port? Bulk cargo, coal, steel, as well as crude oil. Imports from Charleston to our port in Gdynia take 26 days, in the reverse direction it is 20 days.


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