Electric scooters on public transport

Electric scooters on public transport
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Electric scooters have taken over the streets of Polish cities. Became an indispensable means of transport to work or school. They are futuristic and ecological, what else do we know about them?

A legal issue – what can the driver of a scooter?

Are scooter drivers supposed to move like pedestrians on sidewalks, like cyclists on bike paths or on the road together with cars? It turns out that most choose the option that is convenient for them. This causes quite a bit of chaos on the roads. Especially drivers of cabs and city buses complain about it, who have to keep their eyes open every day for oncoming soundless unicycles

Interestingly, according to the Traffic Department of the Capital Police Headquarters, anyone driving a scooter is considered a pedestrian. Thus, he should move on the sidewalk. However, the company Lime (scooter supplier) in its regulations states that riding on the sidewalk is prohibited. Lack of knowledge or unwillingness to obey the rules makes people driving scooters literally everywhere. Some choose bike lanes, others sidewalks, and some want to stand on the same level as a car. Hence, more and more often you hear about accidents involving a scooter.

The advantages of choosing an electric scooter

  • First of all, shorter commuting time. We are talking about a distance of several stops, when driving simply does not pay off, and you want to get to your destination faster than by walking.
  • The second advantage is avoiding major traffic jams. Commuting during rush hour can be much easier and faster.
  • Without a doubt, it is an extremely convenient choice. Just stand and use your hands to steer the scooter. Deciding on a bicycle can make you sweat a bit. Thus, the scooter proves to be more comfortable
  • The scooter does not require any license or special pads. You can ride it even in a pressed suit. After all, you practically don’t move while riding.

Some negative aspects of electric scooters

  • A kind of monopoly of the American company Lime supported by Google and Uber. Competition is just entering the market.
  • The monopoly situation means that you will sometimes come to pay a lot for renting a scooter. A bike is undoubtedly a cheaper option.
  • Moving an electric, which does not make engine noise, you are more likely to be involved in an accident with a car.
  • Unregulated regulations that do not take into account the electric scooter in traffic.

The problem of scooters “littering” the city

Probably one of the biggest downsides to the introduction of electric scooters into everyday use. Walking down the boardwalk a decade ago, you’d encounter a few bikes at most. Today, you can’t do without dodging a scooter every few steps. They are simply everywhere. This is a direct result of the lack of docking stations or parking for this equipment in large cities. Drivers are not guilty of this, they are obliged to leave Lime equipment where they want it, so that someone else can use it. It doesn’t look very aesthetically pleasing though – as they are everywhere. You’ll find them in the middle of the sidewalk, at a pedestrian crossing or on the lawn

One more very important point to remember. Electric scooters left in different places are a great danger for blind and visually impaired people

Revolution in public transport?

Can we talk about a revolution? Rather not. Mobility scooters are somewhat simpler tool to get around than a traditional bicycle. It is a simple, fast and ecological means of transport for the 21st century. There is still a long way before scooter drivers, manufacturers and city authorities to come to terms with the regulations or leaving the equipment after riding a designated route. In modern transportation it is worth to be careful, especially being a car driver in a big city.

(Photo: pixabay.com)

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