What should a transport car service include?

What should a transport car service include?
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Transport vehicles travel thousands of kilometers at a time, so they must be safe and in perfect technical condition. Such vehicles need to be regularly serviced, their condition and mileage monitored, and all problems and defects solved on an ongoing basis. What should be taken care of before going on the road and what should be included in the service of a transport vehicle? We suggest!

System control

All modern cars operate thanks to a built-in computer, which controls the functioning of the systems in the car. Any system failure makes it impossible to continue driving and requires immediate repair. To avoid problems on the road, at regular service ask to check the system, which governs the operation of the car. Problems with the electronics in the car can cause, among other things: blocked steering wheel, disconnection of the alternator and discharged battery, jammed central locks in the doors or in the worst case disconnection of the clutch and blocked accelerator and brake pedals. This situation on the road and especially on the highway can be very dangerous and even end tragically. If the car you send on the road relies on electronics, be sure to check that the system is working properly

Check the condition of the tires

A transport truck will not start without tires. The wheels and tires of a large car bear not only the weight of the car itself, but also the considerable load, so the tires must be in impeccable condition. Every time you have them serviced, check their condition, inspect the tread and look closely for any foreign objects that might require the intervention of a tyre specialist. Change your tires on time, depending on the season, to summer or winter tires. This not only makes for safer driving, but also for more economical driving, reducing the load on the engine and lower fuel consumption. On long routes covered by transport vehicles, this is a saving of several hundred to even a thousand zlotys

Checking the level of oil and fluids

Before starting a trip, the car should be equipped with a set of necessary fluids and oil, and their levels should be as high as possible. Every driver, even a novice, knows the danger of driving with too little oil, how dangerous a lack of oil in the gearbox can be, and how failing to keep an eye on the coolant level can end. This is a threat to the life of the driver of such a car, so don’t take the risk and always remember to check the fluid levels. Besides, even if such a trip doesn’t end badly, it’s just a shame for the engine, which deteriorates and wears out much faster when it’s not properly oiled, cooled and operated

Equipping the car with spare fluids and bulbs

Although fluids were topped up before the trip, sometimes the route is so long and intense that it will be necessary to add oil or fluid. The equipment of a transport vehicle should include engine oil, coolant and washer fluid adapted to the season. It is also good to pack spare bulbs in the glove compartment, in case one of them unexpectedly burns out. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher, warning triangle and first aid kit in your car. Not only is this required by law, it has a real impact on driver safety on the road.

Main photo: Capri23auto/pixabay.com

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