How to determine the route of a cargo journey? What should I pay attention to?

How to determine the route of a cargo journey? What should I pay attention to?
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When planning your cargo route, make sure it is as safe and economical as possible. What else should be considered?

Planning the route – why is it so important?

During the execution of an order related to the transport of cargo, the most important part of the entire process is planning a route. Why? Depending on what kind of goods will be transported by us, we may face many restrictions. It is worthwhile to previously review and analyze the available options to avoid disappointment, problems and loss of valuable time.

Every kilometer must be carefully planned to ensure that the entire journey is quick, efficient and economical. What counts above all are the possibilities of crossing, as well as the time in which it can be done. Planning a route with cargo is a big challenge. Fortunately, people who deal with this task can now take advantage of many powerful IT tools. They can optimize the route and the travel time, taking into account the safety of the driver, the load and other road users.

Safety on the road

Oversize transport is one of the fastest growing sectors in the supply chain. This is due to the increasing demand for transportation of demanding loads, whose weight or dimensions significantly differ from those of standard goods.

Transport of oversized cargo is associated with a huge number of risks, so it is extremely important to effectively plan a route taking into account the possibility of passing and maximum safety of road users. Finding the optimal solution is a big challenge, but not impossible. What you need to take care of before you start transporting is first and foremost:

  • obtaining permission to travel,
  • selection of the right means of transport,
  • paying the required tolls,
  • gathering data on the transported cargo.

Economy is the basis

When preparing the route, logistician should take care not only about safety, but also about economy and time of journey. In a complex supply chain there is no room for delays or missed contracts. The smallest problem contributes to slowing down the entire network, which negatively affects every area of a company’s operations.

The route of transport with cargo should be as short as possible. However, it is worth paying attention to the condition of road surfaces and restrictions. It may happen that a shorter route will require us to spend more time, due to regulations or various inconveniences.

Oversize transport – effective route planning

Oversize cargo is the most demanding type of transport in terms of the type of cargo transported. Planning the route requires the organizer to take into account many important issues, which, if overlooked, may contribute to numerous problems and risks.

The main issues to take into account are the constraints imposed by the characteristics of the goods to be transported, the technical capacity of the route sections and the timing of the cargo delivery

Restrictions on Cargo Movements

The most important constraints that can be encountered when transporting bulky cargoes are:

  • size and weight of the cargo,
  • the width of the road,
  • dimensions and load capacity of bridges and viaducts,
  • dimensions of gates and tunnels,
  • height of power and telecommunication lines,
  • road infrastructure elements,
  • regulations and restrictions under the highway code.

Information systems in transport planning

Today, large companies use many sophisticated systems to manage their various departments and areas of business. Various types of IT packages are also used in case of transport planning. Their use is a great help in today’s fast pace of services. These systems are able to select the optimal route in real time, taking into account many factors at the same time, which for a human is practically impossible.

An example of using a program to optimize the route of a cargo is SATIS, a system commonly used to plan tasks among sales representatives, courier companies or transport companies.


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