Music or radio – what songs should you have ready for the drive?

Music or radio – what songs should you have ready for the drive?
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A frequent companion while driving is our favorite music. What should we put on before a long trip to make the time spent in the car as pleasant as possible?

How does music influence us?

It is hard to imagine life without music. Ever since headphones were invented, people have become practically addicted to it, because they can listen to it everywhere and at any time. Music has become an inseparable element of the way to work, riding a streetcar, walking alone, cleaning or cooking.

Have you ever wondered how music influences human body? Its effect is really enormous: people reach for their favourite pieces of music to provide themselves with unforgettable emotional impressions and to “regulate” their mood.

Depending on individual preferences, different music genres will have different effects. Some may find pop relaxing and joyful, while others may find it irritating or overwhelming. Fortunately, the music market has a lot to offer. Every year there are more and more professional performers, and with them – new music genres. The choice is huge.

Listening to music while driving – is it safe?

Every driver can confirm that they cannot imagine driving without the company of their favorite music. But is it really safe? Yes, as long as your favorite tunes are not too loud. Quiet and calm music can be calming, but fortunately it does not affect the driver’s concentration level. So you can go on your journey and enjoy the sounds in the background with a clear conscience

Unfortunately, listening to music too loudly in the car can distort your perception, resulting in a collision or even a serious accident. So don’t overdo it – you could get a fine for doing so!

Music or radio? What should you bet on?

Drivers fall into two groups based on the music they listen to. Some prefer to listen to music from the radio, while others much prefer songs that they have chosen themselves. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Which solution will be more beneficial for us during a long car journey?

When choosing music from the radio, the songs that will be played will not always be to your taste. You have to reckon with the fact that the radio is aimed at a very large group of recipients, and thus must be adapted to numerous, often extreme preferences. When driving a car, constantly jumping from one station to another can be a nuisance. What’s more, in places with poor coverage, it can be difficult to find the frequency on which anything will be broadcast

The undeniable advantage of listening to the radio is that drivers will be kept up to date with the news. Moreover, one can often find numerous and interesting radio programs that will make the journey even more enjoyable. For those who occasionally like to listen to something other than music, turning on the radio while driving may be a better option.

However, more and more people are moving away from this option in favor of private playlists. Nowadays, you can connect to your car’s audio system with a USB cable or Bluetooth function. This allows you to play your favorite song at any time, or even the entire playlist that you have saved in your phone. This solution guarantees that every minute spent listening to music will be used according to our taste and preferences.

How to prepare a playlist for a long journey?

When preparing a music playlist for a long car journey, it is worth using such applications as YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud or Tidal. Thanks to them we can easily choose the songs that interest us and group them according to our preferences. These platforms also make it easy to browse through well-known songs, play them by albums or music genres, and discover new, little-known pieces. If you are fed up with trite songs that are played on the radio every day, you can create your own playlist that will make a long car journey more pleasant.


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