Will electric trucks displace traditional vehicles?

Will electric trucks displace traditional vehicles?
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Are you a truck driver and wondering if electric trucks of this type are available on the market? Do you want to know how they work and if they will become more popular than traditional trucks in the future? If so, be sure to check out our overview.

Electric trucks – are they the future of transport?

Currently, more and more electric cars are appearing on the market. These are not only passenger vehicles, but also trucks. According to specialists, in about 5 years on the roads around the world will be moving much more cars powered by electric engines, and their sales in the coming years will increase significantly. Such plans have also Polish government. These vehicles are environmentally friendly, and what is more, they use modern technology, which makes moving on the road more comfortable and safer for both the driver and other road users. It is worth noting that these vehicles arouse more and more interest among transport companies.

What distinguishes electric trucks?

Modern technology allows you to create cars of the future, which surpass traditional models in many respects. The first and undeniable advantage of this type of vehicles is, of course, that they are ecological, which is of great importance for each of us nowadays. In addition, electric motors are very quiet, so they take care of the highest comfort while driving, especially on long journeys. This is very important for truck drivers, who often spend several hours a day on the road. It is also worth noting that electric motors give the possibility to predict the cost and consumption of energy. Drivers of cars powered by oil or gas are dependent on the prices of these types of fuels.

Are electric trucks available on the market?

It turns out that these cars of the future are already available on the market. Several manufacturers have decided to put them on sale. They are distinguished by their high engine power and, moreover, their economy. They take care of the satisfaction of the entrepreneur as well as the driver of the car. All this makes these vehicles sure to displace traditional trucks. No wonder – in many ways they are superior to them and allow them to generate more savings, which is crucial for every entrepreneur and owner of a transport company.

Tesla electric truck

One of the most popular automotive brands that makes electric-powered cars is Tesla. It has a truck in its collection that is electric and stands out from the rest. Its launch took place on November 16, 2017. After a few months, the car started on the road, which was more than 450 kilometers long. It is worth knowing that the manufacturer at first assumed that the car would be able to cover just such a distance on a single charge. However, it turned out that the vehicle covered a distance almost twice as long. An additional surprise was that it takes only thirty minutes to fully charge the engine. This vehicle with a load is able to accelerate to a hundred in twenty seconds. This is an excellent result for a truck!

What manufacturers are planning to release electric trucks on the market?

Manufacturers such as Mercedes – Benz and Renault also have plans to launch electric trucks. These are supposed to be excellent models that will offer a lot to trucking company owners; combining convenience, economy and excellent performance.

(photo: Mercedes press materials)

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