Relaxing before a long drive – what is the best way to rest?

Relaxing before a long drive – what is the best way to rest?
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A long route is always a real challenge. Driving a truck every day is tiring. However, it is the long hauls that are the most difficult, so it is advisable to prepare well for them

The constant concentration and inability to change position can take their toll. It is worth finding out how to prepare for a long truck ride. Your body needs to be prepared for a multi-mile route so you can keep your mind sober to stay safe on the road.

More exercise before the route

Driving is mainly based on staying in one position. Hands stretched to the steering wheel and a straight and sitting position become a nuisance after a few hours and can be really tiring. So it’s a good idea to get more exercise before a long trip. The prospect of sitting in one position for several hours should be a good motivation. There is no need to go to the gym. It is enough to do simple exercises that will benefit your spine and muscles, but will not cause soreness. So if you are a person with low physical activity, do not impose a grueling workout before work, because on the road you will get tired even more. Additionally, muscle aches while driving negatively affect your mood and can be distracting on the road. So it’s better to opt for a longer walk or relaxing exercise. Men should opt for a walk or a jog.

Prepare for a long journey

Before a long route, you need to prepare well. It is not only about loading the goods and preparing the documents, but also about inspecting the vehicle. It is necessary to check:

  • oil level,
  • tire pressure,
  • battery charge level,
  • brake fluid level,
  • the presence of a fire extinguisher and its expiration date,
  • presence of a triangle,
  • the contents of the first aid kit – if necessary, it should be replenished.

Knowing that everything is ready, you can stay calm and avoid stress before bedtime. It is best to start preparing a few days before the planned trip to have everything under control and be sure to have everything in time. It’s also a good idea to check your route a few times to make sure your goods will be delivered on time

Remember to rest and sleep

Don’t spend the night before a long journey. You need to be alert and focused when driving, and being sleep-deprived and overtired makes it hard to concentrate on the road. Make sure you get at least six hours of sleep the night before a road trip – the recommended amount of sleep the night before is eight hours. If you usually have difficulty falling asleep, try to make sure you have the right sleeping environment in your bedroom. All lights, even the smallest ones, should be turned off. Keep the windows closed to prevent the light from streetlights from entering the room. Before going to bed it is better to resign from using phone, laptop and watching TV. Blue light emitted by electrical devices contributes to disruption of melatonin production process, which may cause problems with falling asleep or insomnia. A few minutes before going to bed it is worth to ventilate the bedroom, so that the air is fresh and light, which facilitates falling asleep. A warm shower before bedtime is also a great way to relax your muscles.

Eat healthy and easy to digest meals before a long journey

To ensure better conditions and well-being on the road, it is worth taking care of your diet. On the day before the journey it is best to refrain from eating heavy and fatty foods, because they can lead to constipation, abdominal pain and bloating. It is best to reach for foods easy to digest and rich in fiber, which will cleanse the digestive system and minimize the risk of digestive problems during the trip.

The day before the tour, do what you like, what relaxes you the most. Avoid exhaustion, stress and try to avoid stimulants. Choose your favorite music to accompany you at work so you don’t lose your good mood and energy


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