Forklift trucks for transshipment terminals – TOP 5

Forklift trucks for transshipment terminals – TOP 5
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A forklift truck, or lift truck, is a vehicle that is often encountered in halls, warehouses or loading terminals. We present a ranking of the best forklifts.

Hyster forklift trucks

Hyster is a leading American company that has gained great popularity thanks to innovative solutions used in their models, such as double handling of bulky cargo. A huge advantage of equipment produced under the brand Hyster is the ability to adjust their functions to their own needs. Machines are equipped with such solutions as

  • object detection system,
  • mast with tilt back function,
  • tool changing device for loading and unloading,
  • swivel grab,
  • front-loading of empty containers and many others

Hyster forklifts are undoubtedly some of the most popular forklifts on the market.

Solid Hub Electric Forklift Trucks

Electric forklifts from the Solid Hub brand are an excellent alternative to the combustion engine versions of vehicles. The biggest advantages of such a solution include emission-free, quiet operation and compact size.

The forklift truck with electric drive works best indoors, however, it can also be successfully used outdoors. The device supports daily work during loading and unloading, making everything run more efficiently and effectively. The Solid Hub truck is equipped with a compact 3-fold telescopic mast that can store goods continuously up to a height of 4.8 metres.

The presented vehicles definitely belong to the top forklifts available in the market. They are a guarantee of easy operation, excellent power, reliability and energy efficiency

Forklift trucks Nissan

The Japanese brand Nissan specializes not only in manufacturing automobiles, but also advanced forklifts. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, the manufacturer has a lot to offer when it comes to material handling, handling and storage of goods.

The first Nissan forklifts were built in 1957. With their functionality, reliability and durability, they attracted a huge number of interested parties. Today, the company manufactures its machines in as many as 75 countries. It focuses on applying new technologies and ensuring maximum efficiency and usability.

Customers all over the world gladly reach for solutions offered by the Japanese manufacturer. It is worth betting on them if we care about a vehicle that is functional, easy to use, modern and cheap in operation

Still forklifts

The history of Still dates back to 1920, when it was founded by Hans Still in Hamburg. Today, the company is recognized all over the world thanks to a huge number of innovative solutions that are effectively used in its machines.

Still offers modern forklift trucks with electric drive, which are ideal for use in places where noise and emissions are very important. Still vehicles are characterized by extremely quiet and ecological operation. For those who still prefer classic solutions, the company has also prepared forklifts with combustion engines. Customers can choose from three types of drive – diesel, gas or hybrid.

What is interesting, the German brand in the offer has also used forklifts. This is a great option for those who do not want to overpay.

Forklift trucks Komatsu

The list closes with forklift trucks from Komatsu, a Japanese company that, like the previous brands, enjoys great popularity around the world. The manufacturer is considered a pioneer in its field. The technological solutions used by it are an example for many other global brands.

Komatsu forklifts are valued primarily for their durability and excellent technical parameters. The offer of the Japanese manufacturer is very extensive. Customers have a choice of many interesting variants, each of which is adapted to different working conditions. Particularly noteworthy are forklifts powered by diesel and LPG. Their power is truly astonishing, but unfortunately, it is associated with higher emissions of dangerous fumes


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