Largest logistics centers in the US – our top 10

Largest logistics centers in the US – our top 10
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A logistics center is an independent business entity that can perform many tasks due to its rich infrastructure. What are the largest logistics centers in the United States?

  1. Port of Long Beach Logistics Center

The Port of Long Beach Logistics Center is located in California on the Pacific Ocean. The port covers an area as large as 1,214 acres, making it one of the largest in the United States. There are 80 wharves and 71 cranes that are used for various types of cargo handling. Trade is primarily focused on East Asian countries.

  1. Trivantage Logistics Centre

Trivantage’s logistics center is located in North Carolina in the city of Mebane. Each year, the company receives huge shipments of various types of fabrics, which it must warehouse and then transfer to the end customer through an extensive distribution network in the United States. Products are delivered to eleven branches located throughout the United States. Some orders are shipped directly from the warehouse, which requires good internal organization.

  1. Logistics Center Dallas – Fort Worth

The Dallas-Fort Worth Logistics Center is undoubtedly one of the largest in the United States. The logistics center is a major airline hub, and as many as five international highways, 19 state highways and the transcontinental highway in the direction of Mexico-USA-Canada run directly through it. This location of Fort Worth facilitates quick contact with numerous markets – including Australia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. The Dallas Logistics Center is home to such companies as Railroad, Halliburton, Ford Motor Company and many others.

  1. Americold Logistics Center

Americold Logistics Center was established in 1903. The company stores and transports products that require controlled temperatures. Americold is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. From the ordering stage, customers can view shipment information all the way to final delivery. This information is constantly updated. This efficient operation is made possible by the development of a proprietary supply chain control system linked to webMethods software from Software AG. This allows customers to track, modify and manage their orders at any time

  1. Logistics Center in Washington State

Another major logistics center is located in Seattle, Washington. The transcontinental rail hub of the Union Pacific Railroad and Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway passes through this region. Two transcontinental highways in the directions of New York-Cleveland-Chicago-Seattle and Seattle-San Diego also pass through Washington State. Seattle is a very important point on the map of the United States in terms of trade, banking, tourism and industry. It is a commercial center that handles trade between North America and Asia. There is also the very important Seattle-Tacoma Airport in close proximity. The airport is a major transportation center within the northwestern United States.

  1. Heidelberg Logistics Center in Indianapolis

The Heidelberg Logistics Center is located in the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. It is one of the company’s four centers – the others are in Europe and Asia. Thanks to this global network it is possible to deliver 95% of orders to any location on earth in just 24 hours. Opening a logistics center in the United States has helped minimize disruptions to print production throughout the company

7. Trigen Logistics Center

The very large logistics center is located in Greater Los Angeles. As Trigen grew, the demand for warehousing services grew. Therefore, the decision was made to form Trigen Logistics Corporation. The corporation provides warehousing and logistics services throughout North America.

8. BNSF Railway Logistics Centers

BNSF Railway Logistics Centers are located in as many as four locations – Hudson, Fontana, Sweetwater and Oklahoma City. They offer direct rail service to their customers. They primarily cover large business parks, but not exclusively. The facilities are geared toward meeting all the requirements of single freight customers as well as mixed freight customers.

9. Amazon Logistics Center in Texas

Amazon is an American company that engages in e-commerce, among other things, through its extensive website. The company has many logistics centers around the world, but one of the largest is the one located in Texas. The facility is ranked in the top 10 largest distribution buildings by Avant.

10. Target Logistics Center in Washington, DC

Rounding out the list is Target’s logistics center, which is located in Lacey, Washington. It is one of the largest facilities in this category worldwide. The warehouse is responsible for the distribution of goods to other regional warehouses.


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