What can be sent by courier?

What can be sent by courier?
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Online delivery, sending parcels and packages by courier has been present in our daily life for the past few years. Especially now, when face-to-face meetings and trips are hampered by the coronavirus outbreak, we increasingly turn to courier services. But do we really know what we can send by courier and what products to send by other means? Find out!

Clothes and textiles

Textiles and clothes are the most frequently sent items. They are as allowable as possible and fairly easy to pack. Typically, a small amount of clothing will fit into a package or envelope and we don’t even need a cardboard box. All textiles are rather soft and safe, so packing them is neither difficult nor complicated. It is only worth making sure that the clothes in the envelope are protected and do not get damaged on the way

Electronics and household appliances

This is the second popular type of packages, sent by courier. They are also allowed in courier shipments, which we like to use. Most often we send damaged equipment when we give it for repair under insurance or send items sold on auction portals to their new owners. In the case of electronic equipment, you need to make sure that the item is properly protected and will not be damaged during the journey. Of course, the original packaging is best for this purpose, but if you have thrown it away, nothing is lost. Bubble wrap, Styrofoam, and cardboard will do just fine to protect electronics or household appliances. Make sure the item is completely immobilized in the box and protected from shocks

Books and toys

Books and toys are another item that often end up in the hands of couriers. These are of course allowed in courier transport and you can easily send them. Here, too, remember about appropriate protection, so that the toys do not get damaged, and sharp corners of the book do not pierce the package. This is also where bubble wrap will come in handy, as it will protect and secure the items you are sending. Wrapped in foil books or toys put in a thick, rigid cardboard box, which will be an additional assurance that the package will not hurt anything.

What cannot be sent by courier?

The courier package must not contain illegal substances such as drugs, alcohol, poisonous, corrosive and explosive substances. In case the package explodes or other packages are damaged by leakage of corrosive substances, the sender of the unauthorised package will bear all costs of compensation for damages

For obvious reasons, the parcel sent by courier should also not contain live animals and plants. Sending a package with a live animal is practically a death sentence for it, if not from overheating or cooling, then from hunger, thirst, stress or by crushing. Plants can also arrive in a deplorable condition, and besides, large pots full of soil are extremely heavy and therefore dangerous

You can find a list of other items that are not allowed in the various courier companies on kurierovo.co.uk. There you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.

Sending a parcel by courier seems to be simple and obvious, however when it comes to packing items, hundreds of questions arise in our mind. It is better to know the answers to them before the shipment than to find out that we have to pay a huge compensation or fine for the inadequate content of the parcel

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