What were the business trends in 2020? Summary

What were the business trends in 2020? Summary
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Entrepreneurs who run their private business have not had it easy in 2020. Maintaining a company is not easy, and on top of that the pandemic makes work even more difficult and forces to make many changes in the sector. Has anything changed in the Polish or foreign market over this past year? Many new trends have been introduced that are worth knowing before creating your business.

Business automation – transition to remote working

Many companies have been forced by the pandemic to move home and start working online – the safest work option has become performing professional duties remotely. It may seem that this only leads to a decrease in earnings and an increase in the cost of maintaining the business. However, the truth is that many companies have automated thanks to it, which will allow them to grow faster in the future. By working remotely and growing your business online, you can make a lot of money. Many entrepreneurs have come to this conclusion, which is why many business owners have decided to move their work home permanently.

E-commerce and the impact on profits

It turns out that by closing stores and malls, more and more people are choosing to store online. This means that e-commerce development has become one of the most popular business trends in 2020. Many entrepreneurs have decided to move their store to the virtual space. Opening a store or a website attracts many new customers and makes it easier for regular shoppers who simply find it easier, safer and more convenient to make a choice without leaving home in the current national and global situation. Online stores, social networks, and portals where you can not only sell your products, but also advertise them, are very popular nowadays.

Ecology is cool – or a movement that supports ecology

At the beginning of the pandemic that swept the world, most cities were shut down. This time of limited human action on the environment caused the world to clean up a bit. You could hear on the news that harmful emissions in the air were beginning to fall, while rivers and streets became cleaner. The environment has benefited, and this has allowed many people to see the importance of being green. Many companies – not only foreign, but also Polish – have decided to combine their activities with programs that will support ecology. For example, some stores declared that part of the money from the order will be donated to planting trees or restoring the environment.

Business supporting customers – or charity actions

However, these are not the only actions that companies have decided on. The time spent by many people at home was a good time for reflection. The dramatic situation that affected thousands of families made almost everyone become more sensitive and start appreciating what they have. This learning has spread wings to many entrepreneurs who have decided to donate a portion of their earnings to charitable causes – not only those related to the pandemic, but also the many other issues facing people around the world every day. Customers, seeing that the entrepreneur works with others in mind, look at the offer more favourably and most often decide on it.

Gaming – how to earn fast and risky

The gaming industry is the fastest growing sector on the Polish stock exchange. Currently game producers are developing rapidly and are becoming more and more popular. Additionally, platforms with series and films are very popular.

5G Internet – for everyone, and yet..

There are many rumors about the G5 Internet, but there is no evidence that any of them are true. However, it is worth pointing out that this solution, faster connection and better quality of received network connections is a convenience for many businesses today.

Despite the fact that almost from the beginning 2020 was a difficult time for entrepreneurs, it managed to develop several new trends that completely changed the Polish and foreign market.

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