How to be sure that a package is not lost in transit?

How to be sure that a package is not lost in transit?
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Always take every precaution to prevent adverse consequences that could be avoided. Try to consider all the scenarios that may occur before, during and after using courier services and be prepared for them accordingly.

Causes of lost parcels

A lost parcel is most often due to the following reasons:

  1. Incorrectaddress – this can happen because of incorrect information: misspelled words, reversed numbers, or an incomplete address (important details in the address are overlooked). The details are even more important if the delivery is to be made to a distant place;
  2. Wrong delivery – rarely packages are delivered to the wrong address. For example, a similar-sounding street and a different postal code could be the cause;
  3. The label is detached from the package – in order for the label to stick to the package, the surface of the package/case must have high adhesion; a way to ensure adhesion is to wrap the package in plastic film;
  4. Different customs and rules – some items require special documents to be transported to certain countries. You need to have all the documentation ready so that your shipment goes through all customs clearances. Otherwise, it can be a big obstacle to a successful delivery.

Pay attention to the reasons mentioned above and try to eliminate them.

How to check what is happening with a shipment?

Nowadays, most courier companies have tools available, such as online package tracking, that can help customers track their packages. For this purpose, a tracking number is assigned to each package received.

The status of the package is usually updated every time the package reaches the warehouse and is scanned. This way, customers know where the shipment has been at any given time. At the same time, if difficulties are encountered along the route, the system will show information that may be relevant. Usually the system is updated in less than 48 hours.

Usually, the tracking system does not display any statuses indicating that the package is lost. Here are some signs that a package is lost or that your shipment may have encountered problems in transit:

  • unusual statuses,
  • no status updates for more than 48 hours,
  • delay in delivery of packages in relation to estimated transit times,

Note that some statuses are written only for the courier company’s internal communications, so you may have difficulty understanding their meaning. This does not necessarily mean that something has gone wrong. For peace of mind, you can always contact the company you booked your courier services with, ask for more information and try to confirm your suspicions.

Check all the possibilities

If you are expecting to receive a package and you are not the one who ordered the courier services, ask the contact person who did. They will have all the information you need and will be able to tell you what number has been assigned to your package.

Before you report a lost package to the companies involved in the process, try to find any delivery notices. When a courier tries to deliver a package, but finds no one at the address listed, they leave a notice that they tried to deliver the package. You may find a note in your mailbox, under the doormat outside your door, attached to your door or window, or even with a neighbor.

In rare cases, if the courier deems it a safe option, they may give the package to your neighbors. Consult with your neighbors before contacting the courier company

What to do if a package is lost?

The first thing you need to do is contact the company where you placed your order. If the delivery service was booked through a courier service booking website, you must first contact the booking site. In this case, they act as an intermediary between the customers and the courier service provider. They can act on behalf of the customer in any interaction with the courier company, in case any issues arise.

When you book services through such intermediaries, it is very important that you inform them as soon as possible. They can help you and give you instructions only after sending the notification. Make sure that you give them the correct tracking number and all the relevant information. From then on, depending on their own procedures, they will give you further instructions and tell you what the next steps are.

What should I do if a package is declared lost?

If your package was insured, you can start the claim procedure to recover your losses. The courier company will require confirmation of the package’s contents and value. They will then assess the situation.


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