Eastern routes in the coronavirus era – tips

Eastern routes in the coronavirus era – tips
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Truck drivers in the era of the coronavirus pandemic still have to work. Incidentally, there is more work than before. They only stop at borders, including the eastern one

The coronavirus has not stopped truck drivers. Truck drivers are working as they did before the pandemic, and even more intensively. For workers, this has its pros and cons. Continuity of work and earnings is something that not everyone can count on now. On the other hand, many drivers fear infection. Much of the transport of goods takes place across our eastern border, to countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. What is the situation in these countries and what must a transport company employee prepare for before entering the country?

Situation in Belarus – restrictions and border controls

A country which has four times less population than Poland and the number of infections is much higher there than in our country. Unfortunately, the president of this country did not take the situation seriously, which resulted in a rapid increase in the number of cases. Fortunately, the situation seems to be under control. New cases of infection are about a hundred every day, and the number of cured people is increasing. However, this may change in the fall when a second wave of coronavirus is expected.

The initial lack of restrictions was not a good idea. After a while, the population took matters into their own hands without waiting for the authorities. Coming to the point, however, when entering Belarus, truck drivers must expect a temperature check. However, it is not necessary to carry a negative test for coronavirus. There’s also no obligation to wear a mask upon entering the country, but in places like restaurants, grocery stores, and public restrooms, it’s a good idea to make sure you have a mask. Frequent hand disinfection should also be observed. Do not forget about the appropriate distance in public spaces.

The situation in Ukraine – what do Polish drivers have to prepare for?

After the shock in March and the increasing strength of the coronavirus in Ukraine, everything has somewhat subsided. Unfortunately, in August a significant deterioration of the situation could be seen. Data from August 28 shows that more than 2400 cases were detected in the country – that’s almost 3 times the daily record in Poland. In total, 120 thousand cases were confirmed there, 2 times more than in our country, despite the fact that the population in Ukraine is smaller than in Poland.

The situation is not interesting, so the government decided to extend the adaptive quarantine until October 31. This creates favorable conditions for drivers, who can enter Ukraine faster without standing in queues at the border. However, you will not do without the appropriate tests. You should also be prepared to wear masks where you can’t keep a safe distance. Compared to Belarus, the country has taken WHO recommendations seriously, introducing a number of restrictions

Russia – the most infections in Europe!

The country leads in the number of infections in all of Europe! Even at the beginning of the pandemic, Vladimir Putin and the Russian government dismissed reports that the epidemic was spreading. Rather, he claimed that the virus was not present in Russia and hoped that it would not be for a long time. Of course, it all turned out to be a lie, and now we are seeing the results. The Russian authorities came to their senses, but too late. Restrictions went into effect, even the capital was closed. The country could not afford months of isolation. A number of restrictions were lifted in June.

Infections are still on the rise. It is about 5,000 for the whole of Russia. The country is vast, the population is about ⅕ of the population of Europe. So we can’t say that the situation is very severe, but it is not known how the situation will look like when the second wave arrives in the country. Truck drivers don’t need to fear entry – restrictions have been lifted, the economy is not standing still. At the borders, of course, appropriate controls await as in most countries around the world. Every driver should wear a mask in stores, restaurants or petrol stations. There are also liquids to disinfect before entering these places

Regardless of the situation in the country to the east, every employee of a transport company should be on guard. As we know, it does not take much to get infected with coronavirus. So it’s worth taking care of yourself and your loved ones by wearing masks, frequently disinfecting your hands and keeping your distance. At the borders, after a calmer start to the pandemic, now the traffic may be intensified. Not only by the loosening of restrictions, but also the end of vacations. However, the situation may change in autumn

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