What packaging to use in shipping?

What packaging to use in shipping?
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Many times it happens that the delivered box is torn, and the things packed in it are no longer suitable for further use. It might seem that the kind of packaging we use does not matter at all. Old cardboard boxes, in which we keep unnecessary things, may work just as well as good quality boxes, right? The situation is not that simple, and if we do not want to damage the transported things, it is better to take care of what we transport them in.

Types of packaging

Wondering how to avoid a disaster related to the transport of things, it is worth looking at sites that offer the sale of all kinds of packaging. For example, the company Janbox offers not only ready-made cartons, but also the possibility of designing your own packaging. It is worth deciding on such solutions, if the goods transported by us are unusual in size or shape and well secure them in an additional way. For example, round items are better packed in a packaging in the shape of a tube, rather than worrying about filling a rectangular cardboard box.

However, before you get down to designing your own packaging, figure out if there are any on the market that fit your needs. Most often, you can find deals on:

Flap packaging

The most common forms of packaging used for transport include flap packaging. They are used during removals, but also for transportation or storage. It is the most popular type, also due to its favourable price. The largest flap boxes can weigh as much as fifty kilos, which is why they have become so popular during removals.

Flap boxes

Just as popular as the flap boxes are the boxy cardboard boxes. Their definite advantage is that they come in complex forms and non-standard shapes, which makes them stand out on the packaging market. Cardboard boxes made of three or five-wave cardboard are resistant to overloads, and also resistant to various types of damage. Of course, this does not mean that they are indestructible – but they are perfect for transport, because they are not so easy to damage, which definitely affects the safety of transported items.

FEFCO packaging

European standards also apply to the way in which packaging should be created. The so-called FEFCO catalog is a universal and commonly used set of basic designs of cardboard packaging throughout Europe. If you are not sure whether the packaging you want to buy will definitely withstand the journey, it is advisable to use reliable sources. The catalog has specific drawings and markings to help you find what you need in an uncomplicated way. This is because it was created precisely to eliminate problematic and long descriptions that often provide too much information. When this happens, product selection is unnecessarily complicated. Thanks to the versatility of FEFCO products, you’ll be able to buy the right packaging from wherever you want, and just as importantly, manufacturers will be able to combine them in a mutually convenient way! All you have to do is tell them which models from the catalog you are interested in.

FEFCO boxes can also be divided into several types

  • flap boxes;
  • telescopic boxes (they have a lid and a bottom and are composed of several telescopically overlapping parts);
  • folding boxes (they have a bottom and are folded in such a way as to form at least two side walls, and a cover; interestingly, they can also contain handles);
  • slide-in boxes (these are formed by overlapping parts);
  • permanently joined boxes (they need to be glued or sewn together beforehand);

Additional aids

When packing products for transport, as important as choosing the right packaging is the choice of additional elements of the package. Do not forget to fill the box properly. The shape of the items you’re transporting rarely fits perfectly into the carton, and if you’re transporting fragile products, it’s a good idea to make sure the package is filled with bubble wrap. Don’t forget to properly wrap the outside of your products. Stretch wrapping is a great solution for this purpose, thanks to which you can minimize the risk of breaking the box. Special packing tapes are also necessary.

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