The most profitable industries in 2020 – summary

The most profitable industries in 2020 – summary
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What did you manage to make money on in 2020? Despite the unprecedented situation in the market, many sectors have recorded substantial profits. We invite you to review the most profitable industries.

Safe business in 2020 – is it possible?

The summary of the most profitable industries will begin with how this year has changed the perception of the global market. Despite many years of stability, it turned out that even the largest production networks can cease to function overnight. Foxconn – the company responsible, among other things, for the production of equipment for Apple – at one point shut down most of its factories, which the market feels to this day.

The coronavirus has made us see each industry from a different perspective. At the beginning of the pandemic, the stock market experienced a huge crash, but since then, financial indicators of global companies have improved significantly, in many cases returning to or surpassing their previous performance. Despite the tragedy and crisis, there were a few lights in the tunnel worth following. At the same time, these are sectors with good prospects for the future – any industry that has emerged unscathed from this exceptional year should be able to cope with most of the risks.

Online trading

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that e-commerce ranks number one on the list of most profitable industries in 2020. In the face of lockdown and restrictions on physical stores, this sector is booming. Allegro’s current auction issue has only confirmed this, but business towards e-commerce was already a fairly certain choice.

The share of online retail has gained significantly in pandemic. The need to make basic purchases online has put a mass of money into the wallets of retailers, marketers and some manufacturers. The e-commerce sector is also benefiting from the increasing comfort of using such services – we can see it especially in Poland, where electronic payment systems are at a high level. For many people ordering various types of products online is much more convenient than a trip to the store. The exception to this rule are grocery stores, but also in this field we can see some changes and increase in popularity of home delivery

The prospects for the coming years are very satisfactory – experts expect that profits in this industry will continue to grow. In terms of investment, we can both be interested in shares in companies on the stock market, and decide to set up our own business. The entry threshold is quite low – however it is important to find a niche that meets customer requirements

Gaming sector

A lot of investors still do not take this industry seriously, but it is a big mistake. Just look at the success of companies such as CD Projekt Red, Activision Blizzard or Rockstar. During the pandemic, game sales have excelled – it’s one of the most popular pastimes when you can’t move from home.

Leaving aside the coronavirus-related surge in interest, the value of this sector increases every year. However, investing in gaming, e-sports or hardware is not easy. There is a lot of randomness here – consumer trends are shaped very dynamically, often an abandoned project “revives” and gains crowds of users. This is an unstable sector, but one with huge resources. It is worth investing in it, but with the right intuition and substantive support of a person who is familiar with the industry.

Entertainment – streaming in the first place

Entertainment can be treated as a whole or as several separate sectors. In 2020, streaming services are the biggest gainers – another area where you can see the impact of pandemic and lockdown. Platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook Video are occupied by crowds of fans of famous internet stars. We also can’t forget about Netflix, which has grown from a small startup trading tapes in the late 1990s to a giant producer of movies and series


The marketing sector is treated by many as a relic of the past. However, it is an industry that has undergone significant evolution in recent times – currently the most popular topics are social media marketing and UX, or user experience. Traditional forms of advertising are rapidly losing relevance, while concepts such as real-time marketing are gaining ground among branding professionals.

Marketing as a whole has become a very strong sector, however, in order to make a mark in it, we need not only self-denial, creativity and knowledge of various industries, but also considerable financial resources.

Medical sector

To such issues as the production of vaccines and medicines should be approached with caution, and earlier invested a lot of time in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills. However, we do not have to aim so high. As the past year has shown, everything from basic hygiene products for medical use to staff to care for the elderly can be in short supply in crisis situations.

Companies that are starting out in this sector don’t necessarily have to focus on competing with large corporations. Many small companies base their business on meeting specific, even niche, needs. This is an industry that has huge potential and will remain strong even after a pandemic has been dealt with. The aging population is also an advantage here – medical support is becoming more and more necessary every year


For a long time this sector reigned supreme, but now the broad term “technology” has split into many smaller subcategories. Due to stagnation in some industries, the industry as a whole may seem to be doing a bit less well.

Technology has its own rules – monopolization of certain markets is a growing problem. Even in the most promising areas, promising startups are often quickly acquired by a larger player. However, such moves are associated with measurable benefits for both parties. It’s a good field to invest in – definitely a technology-related business to consider

What is worth investing in for the coming years?

The above sectors have coped very well with the challenges of 2020 and look great for the future. In the coming years, we expect growth in other industries as well. Among them, there are handicrafts, production of solutions for electric cars, ecological initiatives and remote education. We encourage you to discover the secrets of these sectors and look for a place for yourself in them – in some time it may become really crowded!


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