Where to start building a small logistics center?

Where to start building a small logistics center?
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How to start building a logistics center where goods will be stored, received, released and distributed? How to start quickly and without unnecessary formalities?

Let’s assume that you already have a plot of land. You have bought it for an investment which is necessary for further development of your company. You want a small logistics center to be built on this plot. You need it to store, receive, issue and distribute goods and accompanying services.

Why build a logistics center?

Logistics is developing as fast as the economy in many countries. Satisfying customer needs is therefore not easy, but possible. You decide on a logistics center in order to:

  • increase the level of customer service,
  • reduce costs,
  • shorten your operation time,
  • better organise time and resources.

A logistics center will contribute to more efficient and effective logistics processes. The customer will certainly be more satisfied with the service. In addition, investments in logistics centers increase demand in the construction market.

Start with the right approach

A construction facility, in this case a logistics center, must be prepared and adapted to its intended use. In the beginning, this purpose has to be identified. We are talking about several solutions, such as:

  • warehouse hall,
  • hall for hazardous materials,
  • production hall,
  • sales hall,
  • logistics center,
  • exhibition hall.

Each of these facilities should fulfill their basic tasks at the same time the lowest operating costs. The logistics center should be first of all:

  • large enough to easily maneuver transport vehicles,
  • it must meet all standards and regulations related to fire protection.

From the very beginning you should take into account what kind of horizontal transport machines will move around the center. You will then get to know the type of mixture that should be used for the flooring. You also need to take care of the place in the center where the logistics department will be located. If you know the use of the logistics center once it is built, the construction process itself will be faster and more efficient. It is necessary to properly determine the area of the hall in which the small logistics center will be located. Especially with small facilities it is important how you manage the space. It is important to ensure that you do not lose out by making the hall too large. You should ask yourself what you want to store and on this basis choose the size of the area and the height of the building. Also plan the transport routes that forklift trucks will use, among other things. Proper planning of the use of space in the logistics center is the key to success.

Do not waste money!

Many people think that building a hall in which to locate the logistics center is a waste of money. This does not have to happen. Precise and realistic planning of construction will make sure that there are no unpleasant surprises, which entail additional costs. You can bet on more expensive structures made of reinforced concrete or steel, or cheaper ones such as system construction. Remember, however, that in addition to the planned costs, it is worth taking care of the financial reserve, which will be protection in case of unforeseen expenses. Ideally, this should be about 25 percent of the construction cost.

Familiarize yourself with the regulations

Fire protection, proper occupational hygiene, health and safety rules and regulations regarding the storage of hazardous materials. All of these should be considered when building a logistics center. So familiarize yourself with all the relevant regulations so you don’t repeat the known mistakes of history. Intralogistics specialists and warehouse technicians should be involved in the planning stage of the center, but also during its construction. They will make sure that when the construction is finished, the work here is effective, fast and efficient.

Invest in self-sufficiency

Small logistics centers are ideal for this. We’re talking about photovoltaics and renewable energy sources. Make your facility self-sufficient when it comes to energy consumption. Moreover, you can bet on high-grade galvanized materials that guarantee no corrosion and replacements after a certain period of operation.

(photo: pixabay.com)

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