Towing trucks – what is worth knowing about it?

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Towing trucks – what is worth knowing about it?
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Learn some rules that everyone should follow when they are about to tow a truck. It is worth noting, however, that this activity is not an easy task!

In the case of a passenger car, the matter is quite simple. Probably everyone at least once in his life will be towing another vehicle, for example a friend’s car. It is enough that both vehicles, that is, the towing and towed have working external lights, braking system and steering system. Unfortunately, in the case of towing trucks matter is a bit complicated, it is not so simple, and most importantly not always possible. Check what it is and who and when can tow trucks!

Basic conditions of towing a truck

At the outset, it’s important to note that how to tow a truck will depend largely on the make and model. Each manufacturer uses different, distinctive tie-down points that are located in slightly different places depending on the model. The information, where these are in the case of a given vehicle, is of course in the manual. Necessary data can also be found on the web – you really need to start with this towing. Towing points have a maximum load, which should also be borne in mind. Another important consideration is to determine the layout of the truck. The type of towing is usually determined by the different systems (mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic). So much for theoretical preparation for towing

What is a towed truck?

Many people think that a truck is towed by another vehicle of this kind. This is, of course, a mistake. For this, a specialized car is used – the so-called tow truck. When towing, this vehicle must follow several absolute rules:

  • speed,
  • lighting,
  • markings.

Often, unfortunately, towing with a tow truck is not possible. In this case, you should call a tow truck, which specializes in transporting trucks. When is a truck not allowed to be towed? If the brakes are not working or the steering is damaged, among other things. Also note that a truck cannot be towed with a semi-trailer or trailer – they must always be transported separately

Towing connection – what is used?

When towing a car or motorcycle we usually use a flexible connection. These include belts or a large diameter rope. In the case of trucks, the matter looks a little different. Flexible connection would not pass the test and probably after a few kilometers would break. So there is no point in creating an additional traffic hazard. The choice is a rigid connection, which has a much higher resistance to rupture and also offers greater load-bearing capacity and strength. There is no denying that this method is one of the most popular mainly because of its effectiveness and durability.

Towing a semi-trailer

A truck was damaged during a trip and a tow truck came and took it away. However, the trailer remains in the same place. What happens to it then? If you use the services of professionals, you need not worry. Their services often state that towing a truck is done in two stages. First, the tractor-trailer is taken away and then the semi-trailer. If it is a refrigerated truck, many companies offer to substitute their own. In addition, the goods, which has no way to get to the recipient, can be transported to the destination by such a company. Such comprehensive services distinguish professionals – it is worth to opt for them.

What regulations must you observe while towing a truck?

  • the right speed – 30 km/h in built-up areas, 60 km/h outside them,
  • the towing vehicle must have dipped headlights on,
  • the towing vehicle must have dipped headlights on, the maximum distance from vehicles when towing is 3 metres,
  • the towed car must have working brakes,
  • the towed vehicle should be properly marked,
  • in weather that impedes visibility, it is necessary to turn on the position lights in the towed car.
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