Carriage of persons to Belarus – what do you need to know?

Carriage of persons to Belarus – what do you need to know?
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Do you want to transport people to Belarus? Then you need a permit for international occasional carriage.

This permit should be issued by the Chief Inspector of Road Transport. However, it is worth knowing how to prepare to obtain such a document and what will be needed to submit the application. Read our guide and find out how to obtain the necessary documents, as well as how much it will cost you.

What should every haulier know?

If you’re going to occasionally transport people then it’s essential to remember that as the person responsible for the transport you need to show a few documents. Firstly, you need a Community license. This is a document that applies to international buses and coaches. You also need a permit that authorizes you to transport people.

It is also worth knowing that when you decide to enter such a profession, you need a foreign bus permit. Having this document is important when you are outside Poland. In case of inspection on the territory of Belarus you will need to show it.

Terms you should know if you transport people to Belarus

Do you want to start dealing with occasional transportation of people? In this case you need to get acquainted with several terms that will allow you to know this profession from the technical side:

  • Occasional carriage – is a carriage that is not a regular and shuttle carriage. It is usually carried out by bus or coach adapted to this task;
  • Regular carriage – this is the public transport of people and their luggage. In this case, hard terms are defined;
  • Shuttle transport – this is an organized transport, which consists not only in the transportation of people, for example, to Belarus, but also back to the country.

With these terms you will be able to determine what profession you are currently engaged in, which will help you get the right documents.

How to obtain a permit for carriage of passengers to Belarus?

Carriage of persons to Belarus will be possible only if you obtain a transport permit. So it is necessary to apply for it. When submitting the papers, remember to enter the name of the border crossings. You need to give those from both sides, i.e. Polish and Belarusian name.

You also need to specify the date of transportation. The permit must contain information about what kind of vehicle you will use to transport people to Belarus. After sending, you may receive a request for changes, which should be accepted within a few working days. If the document and amendments are in accordance with the facts, the office will issue you with a permit for occasional carriage.

What documents do you need to transport people to Belarus?

  • Documents as a proof of payment of stamp duty,
  • confirmation of power of attorney in administrative matters,
  • schedule of work and rest time of drivers,
  • proof of obtaining a community license for international bus and coach commercial carriage of passengers,
  • a map on which the planned route of transportation is clearly marked,
  • application for a permit for occasional carriage of passengers,
  • contract between the organizer of the carriage and the road carrier.

It is necessary to submit these documents before the first date of the planned carriage. You must wait from one to two months for a decision from the office. If the waiting time starts getting longer, you should make sure that the documents have reached the office.

How much will you pay for a carrier’s permit?

Unfortunately, passenger carriage to Belarus involves additional costs, which must be paid in the office. Fortunately, these are not large amounts. For one occasional carriage you need to pay 50 zlotys. To this must be added 50 cents for each submitted application

It may seem that carriage of persons to Belarus is very simple and there are no formalities involved. However, it turns out that it is a bit more complicated and requires the presentation of many documents. By familiarizing yourself with the above guide, you can easily take care of all the obligations of a carrier.


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