Will a fresh driver always pay more for Autocasco insurance?

Will a fresh driver always pay more for Autocasco insurance?
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Fresh drivers who want to drive their own car are faced with a number of costs. One of them is the purchase of auto insurance. Comparing the amount of offers for more experienced drivers, with proposals for new drivers, you can see significant differences in rates, unfortunately, unfavorable for fresh drivers. However, does it always have to be so?

How much do young drivers pay for Autocasco?

Rates fluctuate depending on the provider, but it is possible to determine the average amount of money to be paid to the insurer. Young drivers are considered to be those who are not yet 26 years old. For these people, the average rate for Autocasco is 1454 zł. A completely different issue is the fees for Autocasco, which are required to pay drivers aged 18 and 19. These are amounts exceeding two thousand PLN – 2128 PLN and 2174 PLN.

How do rates for young drivers compare to other age groups?

Comparing with other age groups, young drivers pay much more. In addition, there are four levels of Autocasco rates, successively for the range from 26 to 35 years, from 36 to 45 years, from 46 to 55 years and over 55 years. These are the rates, starting with the youngest drivers – 1400 zł, 673 zł, 538 zł, 532 zł, 517 zł.

What is the reason for high rates for Autocasco?

To find the answer to this question, you need to look at the statistics of the Police, which can be found in the annual report on road accidents in 2020. You can find out from them that accidents, as well as collisions, are most often caused by young drivers, aged between 18 and 24. By suggesting the previously mentioned spread regarding the rates for Autocasco, AC for short, one can conclude that they are delineated in an optimal way and match the current events.

How to lower the rate for Autocasco?

There is no denying that amounts of one and a half, or even over two thousand, are too much of a financial challenge for young people. Fortunately, there are solutions thanks to which they can lower the premium for Autocasco.

The first way may be to ask to be a co-owner of the car a person who falls into a higher age bracket when it comes to Autocasco rates for drivers. The most common people to choose are parents, grandparents or siblings. This way, young drivers do not have to pay the highest fee for AC

The second way, which is equally common, is to choose cars that are not known to be involved in accidents most often. These are usually cars from German brands that are powerful, such as Audi, Volkswagen, or BMW. This aspect also matters when it comes to calculating your AC rate.

Online car insurance – cheaper car insurance

There is another way to not pay so much for Autocasco. It’s online car insurance. Choosing reliable websites, such as Rankomat, you can not only find a good car insurance offer, but also compare it with proposals of all the best insurers.

How much can you really save? Online car insurance at rankomat.pl may be a way to spend even 5% or 15% less than in a regular office. There are also other advantages of this solution. Online car insurance can be much less time consuming than a standard visit to an insurer’s office – when you decide on an offer, all you need to do is provide details about the owner and the car you own. After a few clicks, you’re all set.

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