What should a professional driver eat before a road trip?

What should a professional driver eat before a road trip?
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Driving can be a grueling job. Hours on the road, lack of rest stops, and problems concentrating can take a toll on your body. A proper pre-trip meal can help solve these problems.

Professional driving requires sacrifices

Every professional driver has to make many sacrifices. According to the laws regulating working time, people performing road transport should not drive more than 9 hours a day, but in the case of minibuses up to 3.5 t, which are not required to have a tachograph, this rule is often not respected.

Routes are sometimes very long and stops can be made in places without any catering facilities. While driving a truck, it is difficult to get a hot and nutritious meal, but proper nutrition is key to staying alert and focused. That’s why it’s so important to eat something nutritious before you hit the road to give you strength for the day.

The perfect meal for a professional driver

Properly composed meal is the basis for effective and safe work of a driver. It has a direct impact on the general condition of the body, energy levels and mood. The longer the journey ahead, the more important the right diet is. The most important thing is to eliminate all products that may increase the risk of unpleasant ailments. Diarrhea, nausea, bloating or constipation can prove to be very problematic while working as a professional driver. The ideal meal before you hit the road should include only familiar, healthy and easily digestible products.

Refrain from trying completely new foods

Many people sometimes like to experiment in the kitchen and discover new flavors. However, this is not recommended for professional drivers who have a few hours until a business trip. Completely unfamiliar foods can turn out to be the cause of many digestive ailments. Keep in mind that every body is different and may react differently to certain ingredients. Symptoms related to food poisoning may lead to absence from work, but ignoring them may have tragic consequences. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure your pre-travel meal includes only trusted ingredients that you’ll feel good after.

An easy-to-digest meal – the perfect choice before a road trip

An easily digestible diet is based on heat treatment mainly by cooking and on the exclusion of products with a high fat content. It is recommended primarily to people who have problems with the digestive system. Light meals will also be an excellent choice for professional drivers who have to travel for several hours. Thanks to them the digestive system will be relieved, so the risk of problems such as diarrhea or flatulence will be minimal

Proper selection of ingredients guarantees proper digestive functions. Recommended products include light bread, fine groats, rice and pasta. In the case of dairy products, yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese are excellent choices, while meats include lean beef, fish and chicken. It is important that prepared meals are supplemented with fats and vegetables. The addition of a small amount of butter or sweet cream is great.

Vegetables should only be boiled or steamed. Carrots, lettuce, chicory or tomatoes are good choices. Avoid all sweets and fatty snacks – a delicious dessert can be made from fruit. Among the products that should be eliminated are all acidified dairy products, mouldy cheeses, fried eggs, pork and other fatty meats.

Fresh and high quality products

Meals of a professional driver should be prepared only with fresh products that are of high quality and trusted origin. Otherwise there is a risk of food poisoning, which in addition to making work more difficult can be very dangerous to your health. Also remember to wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. In the store, they may be touched by many people who may have huge amounts of germs on their hands. Consumption of such produce is associated with the risk of many ailments and even serious diseases.

Proper hydration

The right food is not everything. You should also keep in mind proper hydration, which is crucial for the proper functioning of the body. Sufficient water is necessary to ensure that all processes occurring in the human body run properly. Symptoms of dehydration can make the work of a professional driver difficult or even impossible. These include such complaints as headache, shortness of breath, and susceptibility to stress.

An adult should drink about 1.5 liters of water a day. A bottle of water should accompany everyone on the road as well. While it may be difficult to eat a meal, regular hydration should not be a major problem. Doing so will increase your comfort and, most importantly, your well-being as a driver.

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