Grow your business: 5 tips for the trucking company owner

Grow your business: 5 tips for the trucking company owner
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Are you running a trucking company and thinking about investing in its growth? Then learn some practical tips to improve your business and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Find an attractive niche

The transportation industry is characterized by considerable competition. Therefore, for an entrepreneur to succeed, his or her business should stand out. An effective way to do this is to specialize in a particular segment of the transport market. You can focus your business on transporting a specific type of cargo, e.g:

● pharmaceutical products,

● fuel

● fresh food

● metal structures

● chemical industry articles

● furniture,

● cosmetics,

● clothing,

● beverages,

● dangerous goods.

An attractive niche may also be found in the green logistics segment, which focuses on an environmentally-friendly and sustainable supply chain. A TSL company operating in this way can create an image of a socially responsible enterprise, which makes it easier to attract new customers.

Carriers wishing to specialize, usually have to incur additional costs, including the purchase of appropriate equipment, specialized vehicles, packaging, computers and IT software, as well as the development of infrastructure. Finding an attractive niche, however, allows you to offer higher prices for transportation fulfillment services.

Bet on digitalization and automation of processes

The development of a transport company can also be accelerated by implementing telematics solutions. These are modern technologies in the field of telecommunications, information technology and automation. Telematics uses advanced IT software and a number of additional devices, radars, sensors and navigation systems. Thanks to their use, an entrepreneur can efficiently manage various business processes, including transportation, distribution, warehousing, cargo security control or accounting.

The use of digital tools for the transport industry allows to significantly improve company operations and optimize costs, e.g. by limiting the problem of so-called empty runs or the possibility to control the technical condition of vehicles on an ongoing basis. Telematics systems also improve communication between employees, allow to check drivers’ driving style and control whether they use company vehicles outside working hours.

Invest in employee training

Properly trained employees can also provide a competitive advantage. It’s a good idea to arrange soft skills training, especially for drivers and customer service staff. Foreign language courses will allow your company to enter the international market, and ecodriving training will contribute to fuel savings and slower wear and tear of components in company vehicles.

Modernization of vehicle fleet

It’s hard to talk about development of a transport company, if it doesn’t have a modern fleet of vehicles. In order to acquire them, an entrepreneur does not have to engage his own funds. A favourable solution is leasing delivery v ans up to 3.5 tonnes and heavy trucks. This is a form of external financing similar to leasing, where the vehicle belonging to the lessor can be used in exchange for regular instalments. At the end of the contract, the vehicle can be bought back on preferential terms or another new vehicle can be leased.

Leasing companies finance vehicles of various brands, including the most popular ones, such as DAF, MAN, Volvo Truck, Scania, Mercedes, Renault Truck, Iveco, KAMAZ, Fuso or Isuzu. Leasing is available for both new and used vehicles, usually up to 7 years old. Some lessors help you import them from abroad as part of a WNT transaction.

Leasing of vans and trucks can be done under a simplified procedure. This means that the leasing company will not verify in detail the situation of the applicant entrepreneur – usually only a statement of financial results is required. As a result, the decision on granting the financing can be issued even on the day of submitting the application. It is possible to lease a vehicle without a high own contribution, which is a significant advantage of leasing over credit.

Leasing not only equips the company with a modern fleet, but also allows the entrepreneur to gain financially by legal tax optimization opportunities. In particular, it is possible to include instalments paid in company costs and deduct input VAT. Leasing does not have a negative impact on creditworthiness.

Improve operational and transport base

A transport company can invest in a base adapted to loading and unloading, vehicle parking, as well as servicing and maintenance. It is worth taking care of the proper location of such a place – proximity to transport routes, paved entrance road, fencing and access to utilities.

In the operating base you can store, for example, devices and technical equipment, as well as tools for vehicle repair. If an entrepreneur invests in a garage, hall or other enclosed parking place, then it will reduce the risk of theft and devastation of cars. You can also consider installing heating and air conditioning systems to create optimal conditions for safe vehicle parking.

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