What tires for industrial vehicles?

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What tires for industrial vehicles?
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Buying industrial tires is always a big investment, which is why it’s a good idea to give it careful thought. So find out how to choose industrial tires correctly and what types of tires there are

In the case of industrial tires, not only is the quality important, but also the fitment. Find out what to look for when choosing an industrial tire to ensure that you will be satisfied throughout the entire life of the tire.

What is the use of industrial tires?

Let’s start with where industrial tires are most often used. They are most often used in difficult and dangerous conditions, so we can find them, for example, on machines working in mines, on construction sites, or in agriculture. Therefore, when choosing this type of tire, pay special attention not only to the size, but also to the design and appearance of the tread. And what treads can we distinguish?

  • Type R1 – This is a universal tread, which is characterized by very good traction properties. This tread has large, widely spaced ribs that provide maximum grip in difficult terrain.
  • Type R1W – This tread has a deeper tread depth than the R1. This is a tread that is ideal for wetland operations
  • Type R2 – industrial tires with very high tread depth for use in sandy and muddy areas. This type of tread provides better traction and pulling power in difficult waterlogged terrain
  • Type R3 – this type of tread is used in places where an even pressure on the soil is needed. Today there are different types of this type of tire: completely smooth or ribbed. R3 tires are wider than R1 or R2 tires and have less tread depth and closely spaced projections.
  • Type R4 – This tread is characterized by good stability, long life, high abrasion resistance, tire reinforcement and increased resistance to mechanical damage. It is used, for example, for forklift trucks and loaders.

Remember that ill-fitting tires can significantly affect the way you drive your vehicle, which can be the direct cause of a collision. In addition, improperly selected industrial tires will result in faster tire wear

Types of industrial tires

There are many types of industrial tires. One of them is agricultural tires, such as tractor tires. In their case, it is worth choosing a model that will work well both in heavy field work and road transport. Another type of industrial tire is crane tires. Tires of this type are very demanding. They should be able to handle gravel or sandy surfaces, but they should also be able to handle asphalt or concrete surfaces. Crane tires must be versatile and extremely durable. Yet another type of tire are tires for construction machinery. These tires are subjected to enormous dynamic and static forces, and the surface on which the machines move is rarely even. Therefore they should be made from the best quality materials and adapted to quarries, mines and construction sites. You can find all these types of tires at https://profesjonalneopony.pl/.

Main photo: Obi Onyeador/unsplash.com

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