Is a professional driver required to have a foreign driver’s license?

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Is a professional driver required to have a foreign driver’s license?
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An ordinary driver should get an international driving license when he travels outside the EU. But how does it look like if you are a professional driver?

Read this information to know how to prepare for work and avoid problems with border control and law enforcement

What is a professional driver?

A professional driver is a person who uses their driving privileges to drive for profit. This may include drivers with a C, D, D+E license, but the largest group are professional drivers with a C+E license. Its acquisition often costs quite a lot, up to 9.5 thousand zlotys. What affects such large costs?

Stairs begin at the very beginning. To get a certificate from a doctor and psychologist need to spend about 350 zł. Other costs relate to the courses for driving license C and C + E. The fee to be paid for them is about 4500 zł. Then you take exams for each of these categories. Each of them costs 500 zł. It is also worth noting that obtaining an initial qualification costs from 2800 to 3300 zlotys. Issuing a driving license costs 100,50 zloty.

Professional driver – does he need to have a foreign licence?

The good news is that in all countries of the European Union you do not need an additional license. This is due to arrangements that have been made by the European Free Trade Association (EFTA). Since 2013, in all EU member states the driver’s license has been in the form of a plastic card with up-to-date information on the reverse side.

The situation is a little different if you want to travel outside the area that is regulated by the European Union.

The solution is the international driving license – valid for 3 years from the date of obtaining. The cost of obtaining the document is about 35.50 zł and the waiting period lasts up to 3 working days. For the sake of safety and comfort of travel, it is always worth finding out what the rules are in countries through which the transport route runs, to be prepared for possible checks and avoid misunderstandings outside the EU.

Is it worth becoming a professional driver?

You may be considering becoming a professional driver if you are wondering whether you need completely different documents abroad. As usual in such cases, the key element is earnings. Most often these are satisfactory amounts. Their amount depends on what conditions the employer offers, as well as from what country it is or where it carries out forwarding

Professional drivers can transport goods carried in tanks, on pallets, in refrigerated trucks or containers. Different types of transport differ from each other in the scope of responsibilities, as well as in the rates for work.

In the case of Polish companies you can count on earnings in the range of 4 thousand to 5 thousand zlotys in the 5/2 work system – five days on the road and two days at home. Of course, the most profitable option is to work abroad. Amounts in some cases can be much higher, especially when it comes to companies operating in countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Fortunately, in most cases the work takes place within the EU and you do not have to worry about the validity of documents.

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