First motorcycle – what to look for when choosing?

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First motorcycle – what to look for when choosing?
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You have taken a driving course, passed all the necessary and the time comes for the most important stage – the purchase of a motorcycle. But how to choose your first machine? We suggest what you should first of all pay attention to.

A motorcycle is a dream of many of us. However, choosing the first one may prove to be quite a challenge. Find out what you should pay attention to when buying your first motorcycle.

Motorcycle weight

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing your first motorcycle is certainly its weight. If you are a beginner to motorcycling, then a lightweight model that is easier to control will be a much better option. Also, if you need to prop yourself up with your leg, you will have no problem keeping your balance. Also, maintaining your body balance will be much easier on a lightweight machine. Thus, it is a much safer option for the beginning of your unicycle adventure.

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Engine capacity

The engine capacity of a motorcycle is also very important. After all, it determines what kind of driving license you will need. The most popular option for beginner motorcyclists are certainly the so-called 250s. This is because it is the optimal option. As time passes and you gain experience, you will be able to switch to machines with a larger capacity, and thus much faster. However, engine capacity is a very personal preference, but it is worth remembering that, even though you have a lot of experience, you should use the larger capacity bikes with common sense.

New or maybe used?

People looking for their first motorcycle often ask themselves: should they buy a new motorcycle or a second-hand one? There is no clear-cut answer, because it is an individual matter and both solutions have their advantages. However, it is worth remembering that if you decide to buy a used vehicle, it is necessary to verify the seller thoroughly and make sure to perform an inspection. This will allow you to thoroughly check the technical condition of the motorcycle and detect any possible defects.

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Additional Amenities

When choosing a motorcycle, it is also worth considering whether you need additional amenities and if so, which ones? Electronic systems such as traction control, ABS and ignition map settings that allow for safe, emergency braking are certainly a big help. Electronic keys, integrated satellite navigation, intercom and stereo are also useful extras

Motorcycle accessories

Don’t forget to include the necessary motorcycle accessories in your budget as well. The most important one will of course be the helmet. It is the only part of a motorcyclist’s clothing that you are required by law to wear. There are several types of helmets, among which the basic ones are integral (closed), jaw or open. For beginner motorcycle riders, we strongly recommend the first two, which protect the entire face and head. Also equip yourself with good quality motorcycle clothing which will protect your body during a possible rollover. Gloves are also an important element of a motorcyclist’s outfit, which will come in handy at the very beginning of your motorcycle adventure.

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