Is autonomous transportation the future? There is research
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Intelligent transport specialists from Poland and Israel have conducted research that shows what is the potential of autonomous transport of people and goods. It turns out that the possibilities are really huge! Over the next five years, the market for vehicles that do not require constant steering is expected to make huge progress.

Although the popularity of these types of cars is so far singular, we hear more and more about a possible boom for similar means of transport. Autonomous trucks or buses are already in the testing phase, and passenger vehicles are moving on the world’s roads.

Specialists from the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) and their Israeli counterpart have estimated that in 2026 the volume of autonomous transport and transportation will be – attention – 560 billion dollars. During a remote conference on the subject, which was also attended by representatives of the Polish government and the Embassy of Israel in Poland, experts discussed what chances there are for Poland and Israel to be a significant player in the development of this automotive sector.

The conclusions were obvious – while we have great specialists in robotics, world-renowned designers and technological sense, we are limited by investment regulations and… road regulations. At this point in Poland, the driverless vehicle can not move. Certainly, our country must quickly change its approach to the subject, because it may turn out that – as in the case of electric or hybrid vehicles – the world will leave us.

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