Car, rail, or plane – what will people travel by on vacation?

Car, rail, or plane – what will people travel by on vacation?
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The summer vacations are fast approaching, so more and more people are planning a trip. It may seem that most will choose to travel by their own car, but rail and airplanes are also possible options.

What kind of vehicle do most vacationers choose? Want to find out which mode of transportation is most popular during the vacations? Then be sure to take a look at our comparison and decide on the vehicle you like best.

Car – advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car

Today, the car is the most popular means of transport. People who travel decide to drive a car not only on a daily basis, that is, on the way to work and home, but also on long distances.

It is a very convenient solution, and what is more, it seems to be economical. In addition, in the car you do not have to share space with strangers, which is very important for many people these days. So, there is nothing surprising in the fact that so many people choose this means of transport

However, it is best if the journey is not far. However, if you are going on a long journey abroad, driving a car may prove to be tiresome and may even take a dozen or several dozen hours. In addition, there is the fuel burn. If the car burns little, it is an economical solution, but if the combustion is high, it may turn out that driving is one of the more expensive solutions.

Most people who choose to travel by their own vehicle are those who go on vacation within the country.

Rail – advantages and disadvantages of traveling by rail

Railroads are among the least popular types of holiday transportation. Many people resign from this transport, because very often there are delays, in the carriages are large crowds, making it difficult to find a free and comfortable place for yourself.

In addition, you can not forget about the fact that traveling by rail lasts a very long time. The route, which by plane or car can be overcome in a few hours, in the case of railroads can take up to a dozen. This solution is chosen by the fewest people, because of the loss of valuable time and exposure to poor travel comfort

When going on vacation, we want to relax and be happy. So we avoid things that do not give us pleasure. The only advantage of this solution is that the tickets for one person are not expensive. A trip from Warsaw to Zakopane can cost as little as 150 zloty for one person

This is the reason why single people who go on vacation alone decide to travel by train. In their case, going on vacation by car is not profitable. However, if the whole family is going on vacation, the cost of train tickets significantly exceeds the price you have to pay for a trip by car.

Airplane – advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane

Airplanes are becoming one of the most popular modes of transport. However, it is worth knowing that still few people choose to travel by plane from one city to another in the same country

Those who want to travel abroad opt for a plane. In such cases, it is the best solution that saves time. Air travel from Poland to other countries can take only a few hours. In comparison, the same route by car will take several hours, while by train even a few days.

It turns out that the choice of the type of transport depends on who is travelling and where they are going. Families usually decide to travel by car if they are going on vacation in the country. Single people choose to travel by rail. However, if the vacation is to take place abroad, the plane is most often chosen as the best means of transportation.


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