The best buses for professional passenger carriage up to 30 000 PLN – TOP 5

The best buses for professional passenger carriage up to 30 000 PLN – TOP 5
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Are you looking for a bus, which will be perfect for professional passenger transport? We check the most interesting proposals and advise in choosing the right model. Here is a list of five best buses up to 30 thousand PLN!

Bus driver is a great idea for a career that involves the passion of sitting behind the wheel. Thanks to the nature of the work and cooperation with travel agencies, it can also be a way to visit many corners of Europe. Who wouldn’t want to make money from traveling, right? Nevertheless, for this to happen, you need the right licenses and training to prepare you for the job. This also applies to the necessary professional qualifications.

Due to the nature of the passenger transport business and the risks involved, a category B driver’s license only entitles you to carry eight additional passengers (the so-called 8+1). If you are transporting a larger number of people, you will need a fully-fledged category D license

A professional driver is responsible not only for himself but also for the passengers he carries. Therefore, in addition to a high level of caution, you must have cold blood, the ability to cooperate and resolve conflicts, and above all resistance to stress. And of course, you should have the means to transport these people!

Buses up to 30 thousand zlotys

Ford Transit

This is a medium-sized commercial vehicle that has been manufactured under the American Ford brand since 1953. The fourth generation of the vehicle has been produced since 2014. Ford is one of the respected leaders in the minibus market

In particular, its sales performance in the European market is noteworthy. With a budget of 30 thousand zloty, you are able to get a brand new and well-maintained vehicle that will pay for itself during the next few years

Opel Vivaro

Vivaro is another proposal that found its way into our list. The proposal from Opel raises the bar primarily in terms of comfort. And not only in its class, but in general among spacious, practical cars. The cabin is quiet and the controls work easily and precisely.

The interior design is elegant and laced with additional amenities like the IntelliLink multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen, navigation, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. These will meet the needs of many different drivers: they are both practical and entertainment-oriented. A great option for those looking for a minibus for longer journeys.

Renault Master

Currently produced, the third generation of the French model is another proposal that will work well on longer roads. During the development of the model, particular attention was paid to the interior.

New clocks, dashboard, more uniform colors, additional chrome elements and integrated navigation make it more friendly than ever before. Ergonomic layout and comfortable position behind the steering wheel will ensure comfort, thanks to which many hours of travelling will not be a problem.

Volkswagen Transporter

As a classic among passenger vehicles, the Transporter seems to be a natural choice for all future minibus drivers. It was this model that recently celebrated its 70th birthday – anniversaries like this don’t happen often in the automotive world! The sixth-generation vehicles include diesel and TSI cars equipped with start-stop technology.

Fiat Ducato

The honorable, last place of our list was taken by the affordable and reliable Ducato. This inconspicuous Fiat is an extremely attractive option for small businesses engaged in passenger transport. It is also worth noting that the Italian company is also working on an electric version of the popular model. We can expect this type of variation in the coming years.


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