Which transportation sector will grow the fastest? Our analysis

Which transportation sector will grow the fastest? Our analysis
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Wondering how the various transportation sectors will change in the coming years? This will have a huge impact on how businesses and consumers operate. So it’s worth finding out what changes will take place in this sector over the coming months and even years. Read our analysis!

Road transport – development

The current focus is on expanding the system of freeways and expressways. This will allow not only faster transport of cargo on land, but also shorten the travel time from A to B. In the following years the focus will also be on developing local roads and connections to the national and provincial road network. The plan assumes that these activities will be carried out in cooperation with local government units. Further actions in the road transport sector will concern changes in infrastructure development, thanks to which it will be possible to increase road traffic safety. This will make both private individuals and transport companies feel safer on the road.

How will rail transport develop in the coming years?

In our country, there are plans to modernize the railroad line network and to modernize and build terminals which will be adapted to handle intermodal container transport. By 2030 all locomotives and wagons are to be replaced by more modern models. Additionally, actions are being taken to improve the integration of road and rail transport. These are changes that are to be implemented between 2021 and 2030. In this transport sector, measures are also planned to modernize railroad stations and stops. This is expected to affect not only the aesthetic appearance of the railroad, but also safety.

Maritime and waterway transport – how will it develop?

Another sector is sea and water transport, where it is planned to introduce improvements in sailing and navigation conditions. Additionally, it is planned to modernize waterways, which are intended for tourist activities. The condition of Polish inland waterways and waterways may improve in the coming years, which will have an excellent impact on local and regional transport. It is also planned to improve and strengthen water and sea transport links in Poland with other countries around the world. For this, it is necessary to develop deep sea ports, as well as to increase their potential and cargo capacity.

Development of air transport in the coming years

To improve the situation in the air transport sector, it is necessary to increase the capacity of airports that already exist in Poland. Additionally, it is planned to provide better conditions for development, which will be more effective and improve the situation of regional aviation. It is estimated that in the coming years the share of air transport in intermodal transport will increase, which will have a good influence on the development of this sector

Urban transport – development perspective

How will urban transport change over the next few years? Measures are planned, thanks to which urban roads will be organized. The conditions of urban transport will be improved, thanks to which this sector will meet the expectations of residents, and what’s more, it will facilitate moving from specific points to a specific destination. In addition, the situation for the passage of trucks, which heavily damage city roads and significantly slow down other road users, will be improved. Thanks to this change, trucks will move faster and traffic in the city will not be disrupted.

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