New or used warehouse racks? We advise you!

New or used warehouse racks? We advise you!
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When planning the construction of a warehouse or its renovation, you certainly leaned over the issue of storage racks. The most common question is: new or used? Let us tell you which solution is better and in which cases!

To begin with, the choice between new and used depends on many factors. In some situations, it is better to buy a second-hand product, and in others to bet on a new one, tailored to our needs.

When is second hand shelving?

Choosing second-hand shelving is good in several cases. Firstly, it is worth considering such a solution if you have limited funds and are just starting your adventure with the warehouse. Buying used warehouse furniture will also be beneficial if the seller lives close by, and preferably offers to dismantle and transport the racks to your warehouse.

When is it better to avoid this solution? If you have a very large warehouse, with unusual shapes. Then it is best to choose the dimensions of the furniture yourself. It also does not pay to take used shelves when the seller is far from your warehouse and you will have problems with transport.

New shelving is a good solution

On the other hand, if you have a bigger budget, you want to expand your warehouse and you are going to use every space – bet on new products. This way, you can fix the racks even in the most complicated places. This increases the usable area of your warehouse and gives you room to grow. You will also determine the load capacity yourself (good for heavy loads that will take up space on the racks).

We don’t recommend buying new storage when you have other investments in mind (e.g. it’s better to buy a better forklift than an expensive rack), you’re just getting started with storage, or you’ve found a used rack in really good condition near your storage location.

Which option will you choose?

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