Where is the best place to buy truck replacement parts?

Where is the best place to buy truck replacement parts?
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Buying truck parts can be a headache. High prices, limited availability and the need for “just-in-time” delivery make good wholesalers worth their weight in gold.

In case of privately used cars it is so much easier, that breakdown is not such a big problem. Yes, it is inconvenient and uncomfortable, but in case of need you can always use a cab or public transport. Unfortunately, something similar is not possible with a loaded truck. When a breakdown occurs on the road, every hour counts. If not because of perishable cargo, then because of appointments and, last but not least, because of the driver’s regulated working hours. That’s why every haulier needs to find a good source of spare parts.

Good truck parts wholesalers

What does a good source mean in this case? A wide assortment, a large number of branches, readiness to react promptly and service facilities. One would like to add that favourable prices, as parts for trucks often cost a lot. Unfortunately, especially for smaller companies, the price is of secondary importance, giving way to more important factors. The issue is simple – a truck has to earn its keep. It earns money only by driving, and every unplanned stop means measurable losses for the carrier.

Taking into account the above criteria, the biggest network wholesalers, such as Opoltrans, Martex or Autos, gain the most. Of course, there is no reason to limit yourself only to them. In situations requiring immediate reaction it is the market tycoons who can provide the quickest help (finding a smaller wholesaler with the right assortment may take some time). However, if the failure did not occur on the road or simply need to replace consumable components, and there is more time to respond, you can successfully look for local suppliers.

Quality of parts matters

It is always a good idea to ensure that the parts you install are of the highest quality. This is especially important for safety. Recall that this is not a passenger car, which even when filled to the brim rarely exceeds 2 tons, but a set with a tractor and semi-trailer, which even “empty”, without a load can weigh several tons. All loads and forces which are generated during driving and manoeuvres on the road are therefore many times greater. Hence the higher requirements that parts must meet.

In addition to safety, durability is also important – higher quality means longer service life, which means less unwanted and expensive downtime. That is why it is advisable to install original parts or high quality spare parts, and only in extreme cases – where the components do not affect the driving safety and efficiency of the car – to use used parts.

Manufacturer service programs

One truck manufacturer that offers spare parts sales at the same time is Mercedes-Benz. This is an interesting proposition – although, of course, intended exclusively for users of trucks of this one brand. Within this framework, replacements can be purchased at lower prices – also for older vehicles. Depending on the line you choose, the parts may work a little noisier or less comfortably than original equipment parts, but in any case they guarantee the same level of safety. Mercedes also offers genuine remanufactured parts. So this, like other manufacturers’ programs, is another source of replacement parts to consider.

The market for truck parts has grown strongly. Today, there shouldn’t be any major problems with buying even the less popular ones. Most wholesalers provide catalogs on the Internet, where you can quickly find the necessary items and compare prices. You should also consider taking advantage of affiliate programs offered by wholesalers. Truck breakdowns and wear and tear are part and parcel of a trucking company’s business. Close cooperation with a chosen network can therefore pay off.

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