Car repair estimate – everything you need to know about it

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Car repair estimate – everything you need to know about it
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If you are the victim of a road traffic accident – a fender bender, collision or accident – you have the right to recover damages resulting from it from the civil liability of the perpetrator. One of the most important elements of the compensation procedure is the estimate – read the article, and you will learn its role and some practical information about it.

Cost estimate is the basis for compensation payment

Cost estimate for repairing the damage is an absolutely basic document in the compensation process, because on its basis funds are paid to finance repair activities restoring the vehicle to its condition from before the road accident. It defines the cost and type of components and services of repair specialists which will be needed to carry out the activities in the workshop. Thus, the cost estimate defines the amount of compensation, and its task is to reflect the value of repair as reliably and accurately as possible, so that the funds paid out cover 100% of the costs involved. From the moment the loss is reported, the insurance company has 7 days to provide the aggrieved party with the estimate, and its contents include:

  • data on the vehicle,
  • calculation of the workshop operations with the indication of their costs,
  • the price of components needed to restore the vehicle to its condition from before the damage.

Expert’s inspection not always necessary

Since the estimate should include a precise calculation of the cost of components and labor, the company must have some basis for it. Until recently, after each incident it was necessary to make a personal appointment with an expert, who on behalf of the insurance company inspected the vehicle. Currently, such a practice is used primarily in the case of damage on a larger scale, while minor damage can be valued fully remotely. All the driver has to do is take pictures of the damage and send them to the insurance company, and an estimate will be prepared on their basis.

You have the right to dispute the estimate

Insurance companies – like all companies in the world – fight for profit, which they try to earn in various ways. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens at the expense of drivers, for example when a company underestimates parts or labor costs. Therefore, always carefully analyze the estimate sent for its reliability, to make sure that the values given correspond to market prices and will allow for proper execution of all repairs. If you are sure that the estimate was understated, write an appeal.

In your appeal, indicate the specific items that you consider to have been calculated in an unreliable manner, that is, simply understated. Provide the actual prices in effect, along with links to online listings for them that support your version. Point out any errors in the estimate and be aware that this practice is common among insurance companies, who count on the driver to wave his hand and automatically accept the calculation sent to him. This is as irresponsible decision as buying third party liability at random, the first better company – in order not to lose, you need to choose the cheapest policy, which will help you advice on

Remember that in case of communication difficulties with the insurance company or problems with obtaining a quote that meets your requirements, you can always use the help of external specialists. There are many companies on the market dealing with intermediation in obtaining high enough compensation, which do not charge advance payments and take over all formal responsibilities related to handling procedures. More useful information and offers from the motor insurance market you will find on the website

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