The most common forklift truck failures

The most common forklift truck failures
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Forklifts are one of the most useful pieces of equipment, especially in warehouses, big-box stores or on production floors. They are extremely functional and have many applications. However, daily use puts forklifts to a serious test, and no machine is foolproof. See which forklift failures are most common.

Transmission and steering failure

Not surprisingly, this failure happens most often. A gearbox that is used intensively for days on end is bound to fail at some point. This failure is practically impossible to avoid, but you can ensure that it happens as late as possible by operating your forklift correctly and shifting gears in the right way. Without a forklift truck work on the shop floor or in the warehouse is very difficult and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, in the event that the equipment breaks down, it is crucial to react as quickly as possible. At owa.php you can not only call for service or make an appointment for repair, but also rent a new forklift truck, so that you can use replacement equipment and work normally during the repair period

Fork failure

The forks are the most important part of a forklift because they are what make the vehicle usable at all. It is not uncommon for the forks to malfunction and refuse to raise or lower. It is also common for the forks to bend or break under the weight of the load. When this happens, the entire fork must be replaced, as unfortunately it cannot be effectively glued back together. If the forks become jammed, it is most likely due to the failure of connectors or valves, or a cable connection fault. In this case, service and repair or possibly replacement of components will suffice

Chain failure

The chain is necessary for the movement of the forks. Damage to it does not spare it either. Corrosion of the chain can occur, which over time will lead to chain breakage. When using a forklift, it is important to keep in mind its capabilities. The strength of the material from which the chain is made, among other things, is determined and exceeding it can cause damage to the component. Regular tensioning of the chain beyond its capacity will also lead to chain breakage over time. To avoid such failures, it is important not to exceed the maximum load of the cart and to take good care of the chain and protect it from moisture and dust.

Oil leaks

Another malfunction that often occurs in forklift trucks is an oil leak. Forklift engines, due to the nature of their work, are subjected to very severe overloads that can lead to oil leakage. Any engine failure also requires the intervention of a mechanic. A well-maintained forklift is essential not only for its smooth operation, but also for the safety of the driver. Report any engine or cooling system failure immediately to a mechanic for quick repair

Thanks to forklifts, work in a warehouse, on a production floor or in a large-scale store is much lighter and easier. This is a great convenience for employees and a guarantee of better results for the entire company. It is worth taking care of a good technical condition of forklifts and perform regular service to avoid unexpected failures, which can significantly hinder or even paralyze the functioning of the company for several hours. By taking care of your equipment, you take care of your employees, their safety and satisfaction!


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