Technological solutions for transport companies

Technological solutions for transport companies
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With the development of trade and technology, transport is also changing. Modifications are aimed primarily at improving the entire process, so that it runs even more efficiently and quickly. What solutions should the owner of the transport company invest in?

Time plays a major role in transportation. That’s why you should strive to shorten the time from dispatch to delivery as much as possible. Technology comes to the rescue, helping entrepreneurs to prepare transport more efficiently.

Data storage

Paper records are increasingly being replaced by electronic ones. It is therefore important to store it properly, so that third parties do not have access to it. It is also important to ensure quick access to them for designated employees. In such a situation, a data cloud is useful; it should be properly secured against hacker attacks and leakage of sensitive information. It is also a way to protect data from loss.

Digitalization of invoice management

To streamline the invoicing process, it is best to do it with special software. There are software that also have the function of handling human resources and payroll and generating files in any format. This is a great solution for companies that do their own bookkeeping.

Remote tachograph readers

An innovative solution that gives you the possibility to check the time spent by the driver on driving. So you do not have to wait for the car to return to base. There are several devices of this type on the market. Each offers different functions but the scheme is similar – card reader is connected to the office computer with internet connection.

Omnicommerce service

It allows you to manage your orders more efficiently. Omnicommerce is a system that allows you for example to quickly set and confirm the date of delivery, and gives the status of the order. You also have the ability to segregate goods by type and verify expiration dates for food shipments.

Action planning

Software dedicated to the TSL industry has been developed. Their task is to place on a single platform all the information needed for the efficient operation of the company. It affects the automation of activities and speeds up the process. Examples of functions are:

– goods tracking

– checking the quantity of things to be transported

– billing of deliveries

– recording of employees’ time

– debt collection


In transporting goods it is also worth using solutions offered by robotics. Especially at times when the number of employees is limited and there are many goods. Technologically advanced devices can help you move goods from the warehouse to the truck and vice versa. Some of them have specialized scanners that can be used to monitor the position of an item.

Fleet monitoring

Every trucking company should invest in it. GPS shows the current position of a particular vehicle in real time. There are also sensors that generate route reports, the amount of fuel burned, and the speed at which the vehicle was traveling. This data can very accurately improve transportation.

5G technology deployment

The 5G network offers the possibility of faster and more accurate data flow. By investing in devices that support it, you will increase the efficiency of your company’s logistics process. With this type of network, you have better control over your supply chain and can better monitor the position of a given fleet. 5G also offers the ability to flow more data.

The advancement of technology makes it possible for every transportation company to choose personalized solutions that are perfectly suited to the type of services offered, the financial capacity of the company and the goals it has set for itself.

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