Transporting a vehicle from overseas by ship – how to do it step by step?

Transporting a vehicle from overseas by ship – how to do it step by step?
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Wondering what transporting a vehicle by sea looks like? In our article we describe how it looks in practice. We invite you to read the most important information, which may be useful for you in the future.

A car at hand even during a long journey

Your own car is irreplaceable in many situations, so most of us would like to have it at hand when traveling. Unfortunately, it is not that easy. In case of long distance expeditions, one has to reckon with high costs and complicated logistics of transporting the vehicle to the destination

Those who decide to undertake such a venture, however, have as many as three options available to them. These are:

  • shipping the vehicle in a container,
  • ro-Ro vehicle transport,
  • voyage on board a cargo ship.

Transporting a vehicle in a container – how does it look like?

Many people thinking about shipping a vehicle, decide to transport it in a container. This solution has many advantages, and the only thing you need to keep in mind is the height of the machine, which in most available options can not exceed 2.58 meters

The average time for transporting a vehicle using a container is between 10 and 30 days on the Atlantic route, although in practice it can turn out that such a journey will take more than a month. This is quite a long period of time, which is certainly a huge downside for many.

When it comes to matters related to hiring such a container, the whole procedure is quite simple, although it is worth paying attention to the credibility of the agencies advertising themselves. There is no shortage of scammers on the web who try to fool less vigilant customers into thinking that the price is “extremely low”. However, if we manage to find a trusted agent or company, they are usually responsible for organizing the entire crossing.

Ro-ro vehicle transport – what is it?

Ro-ro is a rather enigmatic term, which is often used in the context of cargo ships or barges adapted to carry, among others, vehicles. Ro-ro transport is nothing else than transportation of goods by sea, which are able to drive on board by themselves

As in the case of transporting a vehicle in a container, Ro-Ro transport requires the customer to find a suitable agent who will undertake the organization of the journey. It will be up to him to find a convenient date, rules of delivery or collection of our vehicle. The big advantage of this solution is the relatively small number of documents we have to fill in

Cruise on board of a cargo ship – is it worth using this option?

Cruise on board a cargo ship is the last option available. It is intended for people who do not care about time. Unfortunately there are relatively few possibilities in Poland. Fortunately, it is possible to organize this venture from Germany, France or Holland, among others, and choose from many available destinations

Planning such a cruise should be done well in advance. Finding a suitable date can be very time-consuming, and it may not always be possible to book.

Costs of transporting cars by sea

The cost of transporting cars by sea has always stirred up huge emotions. There is no need to deceive yourself – you have to reckon with really high prices of such services. The final amount that we will have to pay, mainly depends on such factors as, among others, the date and route of transport, port charges or customs controls

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