Driving in the Balkan countries – what to look out for?

Driving in the Balkan countries – what to look out for?
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The Balkans is a frequent destination for transport companies. There are many stories about Balkan roads and customs. What should you prepare for in order to pass the journey comfortably and safely?

What car will be the most suitable?

Planning a trip to the Balkans, the absolute basis is an efficient car. Balkan roads do not have a very good reputation, so it is worth to minimize the risk of unnecessary failures. So carefully check the operation of the brakes and other components. In the case of drivers of sets, or so-called TIR, it is also worth checking the condition of the trailer or semi-trailer. It will certainly be useful to have a car that is characterized by a bit more power – on the road there will be no shortage of climbs and difficult sections. The best solution would also be an automatic gearbox, which seems to be already a standard in trucks, but is still rare in vans. The constant shifting of gears can be really cumbersome, especially during long drives rich in sharp turns, descents and hills. It’s also an advantage to have higher-profile tires that can handle any pothole.

Dark nights can be dangerous

Another thing to consider is lighting. It’s not uncommon for dark nights to lead to accidents and other dangerous situations. Think about equipping your car with a cornering light system or additional headlights. With this solution, the journey will run smoothly, and most importantly one hundred percent safe. We will not miss any obstacle, and those on the roads of the Balkan Peninsula happen very often. Splinters of rocks lying in the middle of the road are an everyday occurrence.

Remember about important documents

Documents are essential. Lack of some of them can expose us to many problems that we will not be able to avoid in any way. We must remember that most of the Balkan countries are not members of the European Union, so dealing with the required formalities is not the simplest. What we certainly need to take with us are, first of all:

  • passport,
  • identity card,
  • polish and international driving license,
  • registration card,
  • green card,
  • extract from the transport license,
  • additional insurance,
  • possible authorization from the car owner.

The greatest doubts are raised by the international driver’s license and authorization from the owner of the vehicle. The first document is not necessary, but its possession is recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And if so, it is probably worth to take it with you. Authorization to use the car may be useful if you are not the legal owner of the car. In this situation, it is enough to write a document in English and notarize it.

Kosovo – what should you know?

If you plan to travel through Kosovo, you should know that on the territory of this country does not apply to Polish third party liability and green card. In addition, the unstable political situation in Kosovo may cause many problems during the journey. Therefore, it is worth taking all documents with you just in case, even if they are not useful. As for insurance, it can be purchased at the state border. For the cheapest variant we will pay about 15€.

What to take on a trip to the Balkans?

One of the most important issues to prepare before a trip is to equip our car. Going on a tour in the Balkans, you should take into account some really important things that may prove useful in many situations. In our vehicle should be found:

  • a first aid kit complying with the relevant standards,
  • fire extinguisher,
  • a spare wheel,
  • reflective vests,
  • warning triangle,
  • tow rope.

With a car equipped in this way, we will certainly feel more confident and safer. With these items we will be able to cope with a number of unforeseen events, likely especially during a long journey.

Balkan roads so terrible?

Surely each of us has heard unfavorable opinions about the Balkan roads. Their condition leaves much to be desired, therefore, a large number of drivers are worried about the quality of travel, safety and car. In fact, everything depends on what route we choose – but if we are focused on the exploration of hard to reach places, you need to be aware that it will not be easy. What you also need to watch out for are other road users. Driving style of local drivers is characterized by high dynamics, and sometimes also unpredictability. It is worth all the time to be concentrated and observe their actions with full caution.

Road rules – are they respected?

Balkan countries, which do not belong to the European Union, are characterized by a very loose approach to respect road rules. This generates a lot of unnecessary collisions and accidents, as well as problems when claiming fault. What we should especially remember is to be as cautious as possible on Balkan roads and keep as much distance as possible from other cars.

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