Should truck drivers pay attention to eco-friendly driving?

Should truck drivers pay attention to eco-friendly driving?
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Skilled eco-driving can save between 5% and 25% on fuel, whether you drive a car or a truck. Reducing fuel consumption is a major benefit, but not the only one. What does fuel efficient driving look like in practice? Learn the key principles that will have a direct impact on your wallet

Eco driving – or what?

Over the years we have observed various trends in the automotive world. Some of them are the result of international agreements and regulations on limiting exhaust emissions – which is also the case with eco-driving. The main long-term beneficiary of eco-driving is undoubtedly the environment, but the tangible benefits of eco-driving can be seen by all of us. Interestingly, in recent years, eco-driving has also become an official requirement in the examination process of Provincial Road Traffic Centers. These are rules that you should and should know.

It is worth remembering that eco-driving makes the individual elements of the power unit wear out more slowly – this is primarily the clutch, gearbox and suspension. With all these benefits, truck drivers should also implement the most important principles of eco-driving into their driving habits.

Take care of the truck

Eco-driving starts before you turn the ignition key. Surprised?

It’s a good idea to check the pressure of your tires and make sure you maintain the declared pressure – an under-inflated wheel can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. Therefore, this is an aspect that cannot be ignored. In addition to increased fuel consumption, this also affects safety and the drivability of the truck. Moreover, worn out shock absorbers, axleshafts and springs also contribute to the vehicle’s increased rolling resistance. It is also worth taking care of all kinds of filters

Principles of eco-driving

Ecodriving is based primarily on optimum use of the possibilities of the car and driving at a balanced speed

Among the principles we can distinguish:

  • set off immediately after turning the key in the ignition – warming up the car before the trip has a negative impact, not only on fuel consumption, but also on faster engine wear. It is at the beginning of the drive that the burning result is the greatest,
  • first gear should be used only for starting – make sure to shift into the next gear as soon as possible. It is also extremely important to reduce gear when overtaking other vehicles,
  • engine braking – if you see a red light or an obstacle in front of you, take your foot off the gas and reduce gear proportionally to the decreasing speed of the truck – this is how automatic transmissions work. This is much better for the overall health of your vehicle than sudden braking before a traffic light,
  • use cruise control – eco-driving is based on maintaining a certain speed, so use this technology as often as possible,
  • among other things, driving a heavy goods vehicle requires the ability to anticipate the traffic situation. Responding appropriately to the traffic situation saves fuel. Anticipate when you will have to reduce speed and when you will have to maintain it,
  • avoid traffic jams – the biggest enemy of eco-driving. Constant stopping and starting increases fuel consumption,
  • distribute the transported goods evenly. In practice this means that the truck should be loaded equally on each axle – this significantly reduces rolling resistance during driving,
  • check the technical condition of your vehicle on an ongoing basis


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