A popular company is cutting back on courier burn. How?
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Ecodriving in transportation is quite an interesting and new topic, as companies have officially never paid attention to fuel consumption. However, one of the biggest courier brands in the world, namely UPS has come out ahead. The American consortium has been studying fuel consumption among its couriers and suggesting some changes.

What ways does UPS, among others, have to reduce combustion for its couriers? Turning as little as possible to the … left. This is no joke. The U.S. company is recommending that its employees make more right turns in order to use less gasoline or diesel fuel.

How does this relate to each other? Turns out, a huge one. Turning left most often requires more time, attention and engine revolutions. More yielding of the right of way at collision intersections means hundreds of liters of fuel are lost per month, seen from the perspective of one driver.

What do you do to reduce fuel consumption while delivering goods?

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