Economic Trends 2021 in transportation. Pay attention to these!

Economic Trends 2021 in transportation. Pay attention to these!
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Transportation is an industry that is experiencing a lot of turbulence due to the raging pandemic. That’s why we’ve put together a study outlining key economic trends for 2021.

The year 2021 could bring a number of changes to transportation sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. It is now clear that this strategic industry has survived the toughest period, and new economic trends that have already emerged before are becoming even more important. A few of these are worth noting.

An international crisis, but not a domestic one

Suffering the most from the coronavirus pandemic is the international transportation industry, where most routes, whether by air, rail or road, have been halted due to restrictions. Everything still depends on the regulations put in place by individual countries

In 2021, suppliers are not as pessimistic about the prevailing situation as they were a year ago. Many companies have adapted to the prevailing conditions. They have intensified their activities in their home markets. In this way they were able to at least partially compensate for losses resulting from limited orders for international transport. Interestingly, a large group of entrepreneurs also sees prospects for further development.

Key economic trends in transport for 2021

With numerous legal changes introduced by national governments, you have to expect that additional problems will arise again in the autumn. Only the most flexible approach to the situation will make it possible for preventive entrepreneurs to minimize their losses. The coming period may also see a diversification of suppliers. This forces to create new directions of activities in transport.

Courier services

One of the trends is transportation offered by courier companies, which has gained a lot in the era of pandemics. The isolation of society has caused many people to opt for solutions that have become more convenient and safer

The most related industry to courier transport is becoming the e-commerce market, where successively a clear growth is recorded in comparison to previous years. Already today, forecasts note that the entire e-commerce market may be worth much more compared to previous years and if in 2018 its value was 45 billion zlotys, this year it may already be 70 billion zlotys. This trend in shipping has been seen before, but it mainly concerned electronics and clothes. At the moment food is also more and more willingly bought by internet users

If the situation regarding the development of the epidemic does not change, many institutions and enterprises will have to consider this form of transport as one of the primary channels for the distribution of goods

Passenger transport

The passenger transport sector is one of the more affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Restrictions imposed by countries have a stifling effect on transportation

Airports have lost nearly 70% of passengers through halted flights between many countries. The lockdown reduced international passenger transport by nearly 100%. By the end of the vacation, small domestic transport and rail traffic was restored. The crisis also affected public transport, which is expected to recover faster than international traffic.

The European Union announced that in 2021 there should be a development in railroad transport, where investment plans have been significantly shifted. This is expected to shift traffic from national roads to railroads. This is expected to contribute to increased safety in transport, as well as an increase in environmental activities, which will minimize emissions of exhaust fumes and toxic substances into the atmosphere.

Considering the current market situation, certainly a clear trend in 2021 will be the further development of the courier industry for the e-commerce market, where continuous growth is recorded. On the other hand, the uncertain period caused by the endless coronavirus pandemic will condition a new order and order in international transport.

Adapting to this situation will be a condition for the survival of many companies. A new trend to pay close attention to may be the development of rail infrastructure, which guarantees safer and less environmentally damaging travel.


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