Packaging an important point in the transport chain. This is a new trend
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The European Commission and EU bodies have recognized packaging as one of the strategic points in the transportation system. This is a new trend, because until now the producers of cartons, films and the like were treated as an insignificant part of a large industry.

It was an epidemic that forced EU officials to change their perspective. Before the coronavirus, few people noticed how powerful packaging manufacturers were. As a result, their negotiating power was severely underestimated and their labor rates were low. The industry’s problems during the rampant covid-19 made officials recognize the importance of packaging production to all transportation

Individual governments also followed the EU units. These began working with manufacturers to efficiently and effectively transport and distribute antibacterial and antiviral materials, among others. With the huge boom in e-shopping, the trend has changed dramatically, and packaging manufacturers have become an important business partner.

Consumers have also started appreciating packaging, its quality and form. Great emphasis has been placed by companies on biodegradable and eco-friendly variants. Thanks to this the trend should continue and this allows us to conclude boldly – it is worth investing in the packaging business, because it is just beginning to make its way in the economy. Later it will stay there permanently.

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