Public transportation restrictions. What do you need to pay attention to?
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More infections in Poland are causing more carriers to increase the number of non-government-imposed restrictions. Where will passengers have to arm themselves with patience?

Recall that practically since March, passenger transport is limited by certain restrictions. In vehicles, the number of people can be limited, and travelers are supposed to wear masks. This situation applies to both private and public carriers.

Although the government does not foresee further restrictions at the moment, they are imposed by the carriers themselves. In Silesia, where the number of infections is currently the highest, the entrance for passengers will be allowed only through the front door. Passengers will have to get off the plane the back way. Why? Thanks to that the driver will be able to check if the person getting on the plane is wearing a mask.

It is known that the restrictions are also introduced by private carriers. It’s all because sanepid has announced large-scale inspections of the observance of anti-coverage procedures.

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