What goods are worth transporting by rail? Here are the possibilities for customers

What goods are worth transporting by rail? Here are the possibilities for customers
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Railroad transport has been known for a very long time. Its history dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, when it was widely used in Great Britain, among others. What possibilities do customers have nowadays?

What does the railroad transport consist in? Here is the most important information

Railroad transport is one of the branches of land transport. It is a forwarding service, during which the transport of cargo is organized using the railroad. Such cargo is usually delivered to a rail terminal where it is loaded and then transported to its destination. Rail transportation can be classified in many ways, however, the basic division includes:

  • full-load rail transportation,
  • container rail transportation,
  • less-than-truckload rail transportation.

Full wagon rail transportation is the most common type of rail transportation. Its most important advantage is that it allows the transport of virtually any goods, which makes it extremely practical and versatile. It is mainly used for the transport of solid or liquid materials, such as coal, steel, fuel, grain and many others.

Container transport differs from full container transport in the way goods are transported. It uses open platforms on which unsealed and properly secured containers are placed.

The last type is groupage rail transport. As the name suggests, general cargo is transported, which is nothing more than small parcels and packages.

Advantages and disadvantages of rail transport

Among its biggest advantages are its huge cargo capacity, relatively low price and versatility. Freight trains are constructed in such a way as to allow the transport of cargo with non-standard properties and dimensions, which cannot be said about air transport, for example. Rail transport is also a long-distance solution, and although rail vehicles are far from airplane speeds, they can provide much shorter transit times compared to sea transport.

Unfortunately, this type of solution also has several disadvantages. Firstly, rail transport is uneconomical when transporting a small number of low-weight goods. Secondly, railcars are very sensitive to unfavorable weather conditions, which may cause various difficulties and delays, especially during winter. Another very important issue is the fact that rail transport is intermodal, which very often results in a number of complications

What goods are worth transporting by rail? We suggest

Railroad transport will be most profitable if you decide to transport unusual goods in large quantities and over very long distances. It’s also a good idea to transport valuable goods by rail, when their safety is the most important issue, rather than the speed of delivery.

Companies which decide to transport coal, oil or natural gas should definitely use rail transport. These fuels are usually transported in huge amounts to remote destinations. They also require appropriate protection, and in such circumstances rail transport is certainly worthwhile. Other goods that are worth transporting by rail include metal ores and other mining and quarrying products. Coke, briquettes and refined petroleum products are also very often transported.

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