Police fight against phones behind the wheel – helicopters and drones into action
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Police have decided to follow the example of their Spanish counterparts and have used helicopters and drones to combat drivers who use cell phones behind the wheel.

Anti-cellphone movement

Today there will be a special control action of the police in Lodz. Over the A2 freeway, a special action of the local police will be carried out using a police helicopter, whose camera will observe drivers and transmit the image to the police cars. Then, the traffic police will make arrests in order to fine guilty drivers

The Speed Squad will also take part in this preventive action, as it is responsible for the most blatant traffic offences. This time, however, the group will pay special attention to truck drivers

Drones instead of helicopters

The issue of new police equipment for the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters indicates that helicopters will soon replace drones. The Warsaw police received as many as nine of these devices

Drones will allow for easy observation of drivers from the air, thus reducing the cost of aerial operations

(photo: unsplash.com)

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