How to transport oversized goods?

How to transport oversized goods?
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Transport of goods exceeding standard dimensions is not easy. On the transport market there are specialized companies in this regard, undertaking this kind of projects. However, you need to know that the carriage of cargo is the last step in the chain of tasks to be performed before the operation begins. The goods must be packed, loaded and secured, a number of requirements must be met, and only at the end can the transport be undertaken. So how does the process of transporting oversized goods look like?

Oversize transport – what kind of transport?

Oversize or high-dimension transport is a term used for all transports, which loads exceed standard dimensions, adopted by transport law

These dimensions are:

  • height not exceeding 4 m
  • length not exceeding 16,2 m
  • width not exceeding 2,5 m.

Additionally, the transported goods may not weigh more than 42 tons. However, what if the cargo does not fit into the above ranges? Then we are talking about oversize transport. To transport this type of goods must be approached individually

Oversize transport – can you carry a factory?

The list of cargo that can be classified as oversized is long. The most popular of them include, first of all, industrial, agricultural and construction machinery. Large companies use this type of transport when moving factories to a new location. To do this, however, you need special permits for the transport of abnormal loads – there are several categories of such permits, so you should know well which one to apply for. In addition, you need to adjust the infrastructure for transport and properly prepare the route – not every load will be able to be transported

For example, you will have to avoid tunnels with vehicle height restrictions or bridges with weight restrictions. In addition, the roads must be well paved. A large number of driveways, exits and curves can also cause problems. It will not be a good idea to carry bulky loads on “serpentine” roads. It is necessary to spend a lot of time on map analysis, in order to create a route, which can be overcome without any obstacles.

Vehicles for abnormal transport

Without special fleet it is impossible to transport abnormal loads. A bus with a tarpaulin or even a truck is not enough to transport a machine of several dozen tons. Therefore, a special vehicle is needed, which can carry the mentioned tonnage and will meet the legal requirements. It is equipped with, among others, special pallets, on which heavy goods can be transported. For this type of equipment, go to It is worth noting here that the driver of a car servicing oversized transports must have the appropriate permits – we cannot handle the transport of, for example, agricultural machinery on our own.

Trust the specialists

As you can see, transporting oversized loads is not an easy task. Fortunately, there are companies on the market that deal with this kind of transport. By placing matters in the hands of specialists, we can be sure that the route will be properly designed, and the vehicle will be adapted to the regulations. TSL Nordic, a company that deals with logistics and transport, will be happy to take care of oversized cargo transportation, from pricing to loading and transportation

Carriage of oversized cargo is a highly specialized task. It is worthwhile to approach it comprehensively, not skipping any of the important steps on the road to successful transportation. Then you will surely succeed!


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