How to prepare the goods for loading?

How to prepare the goods for loading?
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Proper loading of a truck requires consideration and caution. Not only must the goods arrive safely at their destination without any damage, but it is also important that the method of loading does not pose any danger to the vehicle driver, as well as other road users and bystanders.

The way loading is completed depends on the size and type of vehicle, as well as the type of goods loaded for transport. You should always keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Safety
  2. Protection of the goods.
  3. Cost of transportation.
  4. Cost of equipment.

How to load parcels

Typically, loading parcels is the most labor intensive because this type of loading is usually done manually by placing the goods on the floor of the chosen vehicle. A way to make this easier is to use conveyors that can reach into the vehicle, especially if this is an activity that is often done on the job site.

If a conveyor is not enough of an option for you, a loading dock that is positioned horizontally at the back of the vehicle during loading can be helpful. It can reduce the intensity with which workers load goods by working on a flat, rather than elevated, surface.

Before you start loading packages into the vehicle, check the floor to make sure it is dry and clean, as the packages will be in direct contact with it.

How to load pallets with goods

Loading goods that have been attached to pallets can be more complex, with many additional variables to consider before loading, and these include:

  • Weight: what is the weight of each unit and will it overload the payload of the truck or trailer when loaded. The secret is to maximize the load while matching the volume of the vehicle being loaded Hook weight can make it much easier for you to control the weight of your goods.
  • Standard loading: being able to load two pallets side by side is the fastest way to load with pallets, but may not stop loads moving during transit.
  • Extended forks: if fork extensions are added to a forklift truck that has two pairs of forks, two pallets can be moved and loaded simultaneously. This is only suitable for forklifts that have a suitable load capacity and a suitable extension add-on.
  • Weight distribution: it is very important to make sure that with all loads, the weight is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle.

Make sure the load is secured

To secure your cargo, you should use a number of different techniques and methods to make sure before the vehicle leaves the warehouse or loading area that each item is secure.

Some of the tools that can be used include cleats, harnesses or straps

When preparing a load, you can also use other effective methods to help stabilize the cargo, such as stretch or shrink wrap, strapping, and edge protection.

How to handle loads smaller than a full truck

This is quite problematic because it can happen that your vehicle, used for transportation, is unloaded and overloaded several times before reaching its destination, and you have no control over it.

One of the biggest challenges is making sure that other goods are not loaded onto your cargo. A useful way to prevent this from happening is to place cones or corrugated pyramids on top of your pallet loads to discourage loading onto them.

Another method is to stack pallets in such a way that it is almost impossible to safely place a pallet or other goods on them.

It is recommended that goods that are not loaded entirely on a truck be placed on pallets to more effectively protect the goods and so that they can be moved easily and efficiently.


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