A digital platform for pallet exchange! This is a remarkable project by scientists. How will we be able to use it?
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The Fraunhofer Institute IML (for material flow, logistics and freight forwarding) has developed and is slowly deploying a special application for managing, among other things, pallets in the cloud. This innovative platform is to facilitate the management of load carriers between the parties to a transaction and to simplify their settlement.

The European Pallet Association is involved in the action. One part of a large platform that facilitates transport management is e-pallet slip. It is open source software that allows you to create a digital document for your pallets and fully manage your load carriers.

The software may be a revolution in europallet management (data shows that there are even 600 million of them in the European turnover). At the moment, companies keep records of them in an analogue way (which is cumbersome) or through their own IT system.

Integrating many companies in one system will allow continuous observation of the cargo and pallet, information exchange between contractors, and full settlement of the cargo and pallet. The platform is based on algorithms that can recognize the cargo, its dimensions and weight on the basis of … a single photo. This will greatly speed up the recording process and relieve the burden on companies.

We can’t wait for the system to become widespread!

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