Airfares in 2021 – how has the pandemic changed them and what to look out for?

Airfares in 2021 – how has the pandemic changed them and what to look out for?
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The coronavirus pandemic has thwarted many of us in our plans for a successful vacation abroad. Let’s check how ticket prices have changed and what to look out for when planning a holiday.

Vacation in times of pandemic – is it worth to go abroad?

Before deciding on a vacation, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the current prices of flights, which may differ significantly from those listed on the websites of airlines just two years ago. What we should also analyze are the issues of testing, vaccination and possible quarantine. It should be remembered that the current regulations change from day to day, and what is more in each country you can meet with different restrictions or requirements for tourists

Air ticket prices in 2021 – what has changed?

Air travel in 2021 is largely dependent on the restrictions imposed by the authorities of individual countries. Some countries require coronavirus testing or quarantine. Such restrictions significantly affect the price of airline tickets.

It’s also worth noting that the airline industry probably suffered the most from the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. For a period of time, flights were completely suspended, which, of course, affected the deterioration of the situation of individual airlines. Not surprisingly, airfares can be much higher than they were some time ago.

Much also depends on the speed and availability of vaccinations. Keep in mind that if an unvaccinated person wants to go on vacation, they will almost certainly have to show a negative test result before boarding. Of course, it all depends on the direction of travel, but we are talking about the vast majority. Getting tested for COVID-19, however, is a very expensive undertaking, which can be an effective deterrent to travelers from going abroad. Many people choose to stay at home, which of course reflects on the airline industry as a whole

How the situation will play out in the coming months will largely depend on the pandemic situation, or more specifically, the opening of borders. For those who want to go on a dream vacation at any cost – good news. Deciding on some destinations, you can count on extremely low ticket prices. The best examples are Zanzibar, Dominican Republic, Macedonia or Mexico, which additionally do not require a COVID-19 test.

What to look out for when traveling abroad in the coming months?

Going abroad in times of pandemic is quite a risky venture. However, you should not be discouraged, but just keep up to date with the news. Most reliable information can be found on the websites of travel agencies, which regularly check the changing rules for travelers and make them available on their portals

Before buying an airline ticket to a particular country, it is essential to find out whether a COVID-19 test is required, and if so, which one. It is worth remembering that there are three ways to check if you have been infected – a genetic test from swab material, an antigen test from swab material and a venous blood test for antibodies. What is also essential to check is the issue of mandatory quarantine, which has already negatively surprised many travelers more than once

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